Blogger Tricks Animal Jam Graphic Central!: Updates + New Items (Rare Item Thursday?) + Greely's Den Tour + New Jam-a-Grams

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Updates + New Items (Rare Item Thursday?) + Greely's Den Tour + New Jam-a-Grams

Hi jammers! There were a lot of new updates today, so lets get started! :D

Wowza! That den looks... awesome, huge and epic! (look later in the post for a tour of this den, or go to my den [awesomepanda868] to see it all for yourself!) Do you think AJHQ will release Liza's Hideout? They have already done Cosmo and Greely... This den looks cool, but why is AJHQ making so many BIG dens recently? I mean, first the Crystal Palace, then the Sky Kingdom and now this?

That armor is adorable! (look later in the post for a few pictures of this new armor, or go to the Diamond Shop to see it all for yourself!) And my favorite party in the world returns! I love this party, and it's theme is so sweet! Friendship! :)

YAY!!!! :O AJHQ adopted a real panda! Great job, jammers! When you click on the banner, it shows you a cute video about the zoo/panda (of which I have already watched on repeat around 8 times :P)!

Yup- we were right jammers! The new animal has been confirmed to be an owl! I can't wait until these lovely birds come flying into Jamaa! And they already posted the Mira Sketch Jam on The Daily Explorer earlier. :P 

:crosses paws in suspense: DON'T LEAVE ME HANGING, AJ!!! XD I really love all these possibilities, and I would love to know which one the jammers chose! ^.^ Too bad we have to wait two whole weeks...

The new items are the three new Valentine's Day themed items in Jam Mart Furniture!

That chair is so cute! I would like to save up more gems before I buy anything, but that is the first item I will buy! Then, there is that ever popular pink chest! I have that item already, but it is a really nice item! (Good for storing random trinkets :P) And that rose table... it must smell delightful! It comes in different colors as well! These items are ADORABLE but I wish they were for all jammers!!! ):

In Jam Mart Clothing, there is a lovely rose tiara!

Also in Jam Mart Clothing (thanks to the AJPU for notifying me of this ^.^) there is a Rare Item Thursday! :O Why Thursday, AJHQ? Perhaps this will be a new thing- RIM's and RIT's?

I like this item a lot, I just wish it were less expensive. >.< 

Neat item! This reminds me of the flower crown item that left stores a few months ago. :)

And in the Diamond Shop...

Besides the sparkling yellow helmet on the bottom right corner, these are all new! The Jamaa Journal said they were animated! These armor pieces will be great to bring the friendly spirit of Valentine's Day to Jamaa!  Better yet, this set of armor is for all jammers! How great is that?!?! :D

There is also the new den, Greely's Hideout:

I am not going to post too many pictures of the new den, (you can just come to my den to see it for yourself if you like) because it is so big, but here are a few of my favorite parts of it...

Haha! If you put Yellow Sweets walls in this den, the walls turn into phantom candy wallpaper! :P

This is the spawning/entry area of the den. If anyone here has ever read The Rithmatist, then you will understand what I'm saying when I think about the chalk defense circles when I see that flooring. XD

At the tippety-top area of the den, you can see a miniature Jamaa Township! Aww, it's so cute! :places little dolls shaped like Jamaasians in the tiny Jamaa Township: XD And that adorable baby Mira!

When you go near the bottom area of the den, your animal gets coated with that red stuff (same as the Wolves Only Party). 

Make sure to mosey on over to my den to find your way around this den through the twisting system of purple pipes, slides and stairs! ^.^ 

Whew- this is a long post already and we have so much more to do! XD 

Moving on... there are new Jam-a-Grams in honor of the Friendship Party/Valentine's Day! They are so cute! 

:) That bunny is so cute on the last one. And so is that cheesy message- you make me so hoppy! XD 

The Daily Explorer posted a few things, but I need to end this eternal post soon so it doesn't go on forever and you guys don't have to hear me yap longer. :P 

For today's Think About It Thursday, I have a few pictures for you to wonder about...

Why are most of the plants in Jamaa look fake, whereas the plants in Coral Canyons look real? 

I doubt the cleanliness of that pet cleaning station- there is a centipede crawling around on the roof! 

Do you think that these fish banners will ever be released in stores?

Sorry for the short post schedule segment, but I guess the post was long enough already. :P

One last thing- do you think I should change the template to a cheerful pink, green and yellow spring one for February? Or should I wait until April or May? 

Have an epic day, jammers! :D

*Shoutout to Mimi5000 for this amazing signature!! I love it so much! :D*


  1. Wow, that mini Jamaa Township is adorable! :P

  2. Adorable Jamaa Township!! For the spring template, you can use some pinky flowers for background, for example cherry flowers YAY XD And thanks for mentioning me on the end, I'm really happy you like the signature ^-^

    1. I know right! And that is a great idea! No problem! And do I like it? No, I don't like it. I LOVE IT!!!!! IT IS MY LIFE!!!!! XD The signature rocks!!!!

    2. Yeah. That sig you made for Panda is pretty sweet. Great job on it! ^•^


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