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Jammer Shoutouts!

Here is a list of just a few of the amazing jammers I have come across in my time on Animal Jam! ^.^

Moondancer31: You are such a generous, kind and helpful friend! You are amazing!

Mimi5000: Ever since I met you (On Christmas day, ironically. XD) you have been a joy to have as a friend! You have always been supportive, kind, funny and an amazing blogger as well!

EtherealComet: I never even met you or talked to you, but your blog and your kindness has truly changed Jamaa in a positive way! I hope one day you will respond to my flood of emails and comments! XD

nafaria9: You were always a kind, compassionate and wonderful friend! Even though I always thought you were one of those famous jammers I wasn't supposed to talk to, you turned out to be a loving buddy that I could never ever replace!

Cutepups522: You are always a kind, funny and caring buddy to be around! I love reading your hilarious blog posts so much! And I thank you so so so much for commenting as much as you do on the AJGC! It means so much to me! :D

Lovely1147046: Such a generous, nice, funny and sweet buddy! ^.^ You are truly irreplaceable, Lovely!

Suzi00: I haven't known you for too long, but your blog is fabulous, and so are you! I hope I can get to know you more soon! ^.^

Purplestarclub: You are such a kind, caring and wonderful buddy! I love reading and commenting on your fabulous blog! :)

ArcticpenguinII: This shoutout is for you, Arctic. Thank you so much for being one of the first viewers and the first author on the AJGC! And I love reading your hilarious comments. :P

Paypayrod: You are a hilarious, sweet and kind buddy! Your blog is amazing as well!

Spiritpaw4: I love goofing around, chatting and having fun with you! ^.^ Your blog is so much fun to read, and you are caring, funny, kind and a great friend!

Mesha336: Oh, the fun we have on AJ and through email! You were always such an avid supporter of this blog, and it has been such a joy and such an honor to work on your commissions! Thank you for being such a funny, kind and caring buddy! ^.^

Bluepop777: I always love reading your (informative and funny!) comments on the blog, and you are such a great writer! Chatting with you on AJ and in emails is such a pleasure!


If you aren't on this shout-out's page, I am truly sorry! It isn't because I don't like you: in fact, just for reading this page and viewing my blog, I just have to send a virtual hug your way! ^.^ Not being on this page does not (in any way!) mean that we aren't buddies! I try my best to update this page as frequently as I can in my spare time, with more amazing buddies and jammers that I have had the honor of meeting! I guess what I've been trying to say is: please do not be offended at all if you are not on this page: I still love you all ever so much! In fact, here is a little shoutout for anyone who is not yet on this page! "Thank you for viewing my blog: it is truly an honor to have you and other wonderful jammers actually taking the time to read my writing and look at my blog. You are an amazing jammer, and I hope that you have a lovely day!"


  1. Yay! This touches my heart! Thank you, and am I really that funny?!?

  2. Aww thank you so much panda! You are such a great friend!!!!!!


    1. No problem! You and all of my other great buddies deserve much more than just a shout-out. ^.^

  3. Thank you so much Panda! :3
    Btw when I read the bottom post I tend to read fast and skip over words and at first I thought you said:
    it's because I don't like you
    LOL I need to read slower.

    1. No problem! ^.^ You are such an amazing buddy!

      Haha! I did that too, on the way down here to comment.

  4. Hi im new to ur blog u r awesome


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