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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Moon Lamp + DE Post (Voting + News Crew)!

Hi jammers! I have loads of French homework today, so this post will have to be very quick.

The new item is the moon lamp in Jam Mart Furniture! Ditto what I said yesterday about the price. :P

Hehe, the yellow one looks like cheese. XD If any of you have played LittleBigPlanet (the video game) then you'll understand me when I say that the moon and the sun lamps remind me of the sun and moon costumes you can get! Agreed? Sort of? Not really? No idea what I'm talking about...? XD Let's get back on topic... :P

Before I talk about the DE post, I have to thank you all! :) I get a few comments on every post (looks at Cutepups, Arcticpenguin, Naffy, Mimi and everyone else who comments), which is so much more than I ever expected! ^.^ Thank you everyone! I will try my best to comment on every single post (yes, yes, you will get very sick of me. :P) in return! This means so much to me... and we have over 300 comments, over 5,000 views and we are nearing 10 followers! :mind explodes:

On The Daily Explorer, they posted a voting of the "Best Moments of 2014" and a new News Crew! Let's start with the voting...

I took pictures of most of my own votes so you guys could see. Here are all the questions!

I mean- obviously! If anyone here did NOT pick that, you are evil!!! XD Just kidding! I also loved the eagles, otters, polar bears and giraffes!

Only 12 votes for pandas?!?!?! :sobs: XD Apparently everyone loved the eagles!

Hmm... this was a hard one. I loved the seahorses (especially when they became available to all jammers) and the eagles, and the hummingbirds, and the giraffes and the cheetahs and the monkeys and the sugar gliders and the bats and the tarantulas (even though they kind of freak me out) and the owls and the reindeer and the lions and the foxes and the polar bears! (Whew- did I just list ALL of them?) I voted for giraffes though, because their accessories are so varied and so adorable!

A lot of jammers loved the pet foxes! Sugar gliders, then polar bears... etc. How come everything I vote for is always one of the least amount of votes?!?! First the pandas, now only 2 people vote for giraffes? XDDDD 

I loved the Sky Kingdom because it was so big. ^.^ But isn't the "Palace Den" supposed to be called the "Crystal Palace Den"?

Finally- the public agrees with me. XD

The Friendship Party was so much fun!! The items were awesome, and the overall concept was so sweet! And what on earth was the "Back-to-school Party"? Did I miss something in August/September?


I guess the jammers liked the "Jamaaildays in the Summer" party a lot! That was a lot of fun!

Hmm... I wasn't quite sure about this one. I loved the Jamaailday adventure and the Bitter Sweets, (or as AJHQ wrote it, "Bitter Sweet". Get your grammar right, AJHQ!!!) but I ended up picking Bitter Sweets, just because the prizes were so... yummy. XD

Lots of jammers loved the Forgotten Desert and the Jamaailday Adventure (Ahem. Jamaailday Rescue).

Now, onto the news crew...

Here is the post, embedded into this one:

Hello Jammers! NEWS CREW is back and ready to start the new year right!

:butterfly: :butterfly: :butterfly: :butterfly: :butterfly:

The next NEWS CREW topic is all about NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS! Maybe you want to be kinder to buddies, or send more JAM-A-GRAMS! You can write about anything you want!

:cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:

Don’t forget to take a snap, and write an article, then submit them through JAMMER CENTRAL! You could win an awesome PLAQUE for your den.


Submissions are due JANUARY 25th2015! We can’t wait to read the amazing articles you each submit!

Jam on!

Okay jammers- got to go! >.< I may post a graphic or two later though. :)

Make sure to vote on the pancakes vs. waffles poll soon!


  1. Sometimes I think the DE authors can be a little bit drunk.


    I take French too. xD

    1. Also, do you have any posting ideas? Because Animal Jam is so freakin' boring I have nothing to post about. -.-

    2. XD Agreed! Too many "!!!" and "!!!!!!?????!!???!?!??!??!??!?!" in their posts. That is so cool! Ca va? XD
      Hmm... perhaps post more of your clothing tips? Or start a new series of posts (like AJGC's room/land spotlight) or perhaps make a movement?

    3. Movements are too difficult to manage with busy school and stuff. I need more ideas on what costumes to make because I'm not creative. >.<

    4. Hmm... how about you make costumes for animals like the ones in movies? Like a Disney princess costume, or Pirates of the Caribbean outfits... etc. Sorry I couldn't be of more help. >.< I will make a page or post about this kind of stuff (ideas for posting) soon!

  2. The way I learn French is in my dance classes. X3

  3. Je m'appele Mimi. Et toi? XD

    I really like the new DE polls!

  4. I found out that I got in the news crew, but luckily in a snap I saw somebody do the full swearing glitch to i sent all the Info to AJHQ Like:
    What and poop like that :3


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