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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Pool Table (new item) + DE Post + Graphic + Bounce House Party Tour + Room Spotlight!

Hi jammers! This post will be replete with information and awesomeness, so make sure to stay tuned till the end! XD

For starters, the new item is the pool table, in Jam Mart Furniture! Ah, this item would be absolutely perfect if it were a) non-member b) a little less pricy >.< Nonetheless, this item comes in many bold, bright and fun colors, and is perfect for entertaining your Jamaasian guests!

The Daily Explorer posted a new Sketch Jam video! You can learn how to draw Mira by heading over to this post, this video on YouTube, or by watching it below!

This tutorial looks awesome! I haven't tried drawing Mira yet, but I will try soon! And yes, I will let all of you see how badly I failed at it. :P

Even if you don't draw Mira, there are plenty of creative ideas you can come up with to draw in Peck's Art Studio! Why not head over there right now?

Think left and think right and think low and think high. Oh, the thinks you can think up if only you try!
-Dr. Suess
They also included a magnificent gif of a real grey heron! Isn't that bird absolutely amazing?!

I also made of a graphic of my duck, Gogirl! It is transparent. You can use it with credit on your blog if you like. :)
by awesomepanda868

Here is a tour of the newest Bounce House party! ^.^

When you first enter, there is a stand (much like the ones in the Summer Carnival) that sells inflatable furniture (including ottomans, tables, couches, rugs, chairs etc.).

They look like this when they are multi-colored and placed in your den:

When you go to the right of that, there is a collection of blue inflatable furniture pieces for you to sit on and chat with your buddies!

The entrance to the bouncy castle is above the furniture cluster and a bit to the left. When you enter the bouncy castle, your animal immediately begins bouncing instead of running/walking. To stop hopping, you have to preform an action, such as dancing, playing, sleeping or sitting.

There are three levels of the bouncy castle, the main floor, where you first enter, the second floor, which has a net window, and the third floor, which is basically a turret. They are all connected by inflatable blue staircases.

Around the bouncy castle, there are multiple slides you can slide down! 

This party reminded me a lot of the Summer Carnival, with the fun, balloons and the color scheme of the inflatable furniture stand.

For today's room spotlight, we are focusing on the Conservation Museum in Appondale!

It was opened in late April, 2011 and used to be called the Animal Museum. 

When you first enter the room, there is a sales counter selling different animal hats. This shop used to sell (now considered beta) banners of each of the animals, as well as corresponding giant plushies (also now considered beta).

There is also a floating, clickable blue globe. By clicking on it, you can take the Online Safety Quiz (containing 10 questions). If you get all of the questions correct, you earn an Online Safety plaque to put in your den, as well as 25 gems.

To the right of the Online Safety Quiz, there is a Donation box. On hover, the box is outlined in white. By clicking it, you are brought to a window where they display pictures of three big cats (tiger, lion and cheetah), of which you can donate a minimum of 10 gems and a maximum of 5000 gems to.

By clicking on the three paintings around the room, you can learn about a specific animal. This usually changes whenever an animal returns, is introduced or is featured (similar to the minibooks in the Chamber of Knowledge).

This room contains a Claw Machine (like the one in the Sol Arcade), and can be used to grab for all plushies (unlike the plushie specific claws, like the Wolf Claw, Horse Claw, Panda Claw etc.).

At the center of the room, there is a wooden table with four, circular wooden stools. On the table is sheets of multi-colored paper and multi-colored crayons. By hovering over the table, it is outlined in white, and by clicking on it, you open up a window displaying the current informative sheets available for printing/coloring.

Hopefully this was an interesting room spotlight! The reason I included so much in today's post is because I probably won't be able to post later, thanks to the huge amount of homework my teachers gave me today. >.< See you all later! ^.^

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