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The Happy Movement

The Happy Movement

Est. December 9th, 2014

What is our goal?

Our goal is two things:
  1. To make sure that all jammers who read this blog are happy both in Animal Jam and real life, by providing ways on cheering up and handling tough situations!
  2. To try to bring back the happy days in Jamaa- before scamming, hacking and bullying began! If we get enough members, spread enough kindness and have enough of a voice in Jamaa, perhaps we can change Jamaa- for the better!
Our motto!

"If happiness is not the path you wish to take, then there is no other." (quote by awesomepanda868)

Members of the Happy Movement
  1. awesomepanda868
  2. arcticpenguin661
  3. Mimi5000
  4. Cutepups522
  5. Suzi00
  6. purplestarclub
  7. Moondancer31
  8. Bluesauce
  9. hnylovely
  10. spiritpaw4
  11. creativebunny2
  12. Wombats
  13. paypayrod
  14. d66864
  15. thegreatestanimaljammer
  16. pandahearn
  17. mesha336
  18. EnchantedPawz
  19. cosmiccheetah87516
  20. maplemink
  21. CookyCupcake

You can show your support for the Happy Movement by putting one of the following banners up on your blog!
*Size/dimensions of banner included above each one. This way, you can find the one that fits your sidebar or footer the best!






Thanks! I hope you can join the movement soon!


  1. Replies
    1. Yay! Arctic, you are now the first member of the Happy Movement! Thanks for joining! ^.^

  2. Replies
    1. Okie! Thanks for deciding to join the Happy Movement! :D

  3. I'll like to join this Happy Movement, too. ^-^
    ~ cutepups522 :)

  4. This reminds me of what I like to do, and encourage on my blog (

    I think I supported the Happy Movement way before I even discovered it (the last few moments)! I'll try all your activities :D

    1. That is so cool! I have read your blog a lot- just never commented! I love it! And that is neat- happiness for everyone! :D

  5. I have so,e encouragement for y'all! Someone commented on the Animal Jam Official Trailer (on YouTube) saying this:

    Man, I miss these old days. Nobody was fighting as much of today. Nobody cared about items, they cared about having fun and being friendly. I really wish these days came back.

    AJHQ's Official YouTube Account responded with this:

    Hey there, You have the power to bring them back in the things you say and the things you do, every time you play!

    Let's bring happiness back to Jamaa :D

    1. :D Yay! I will make sure to feature your comment in tomorrow's post! All jammers need to here that message! ^.^


  6. Meh please!
    Blueh aka bluesauce

  7. I'll definitely join! My blog is very similar to this movement.
    I know the url sounds weird, but those are things that make me happy

  8. Hey panda can you plz add me that would be pawsome my user name is spiritpaw4


  9. Me, please! I am creativebunny2!

  10. Did you see all the art of happy jammers in the official insiders guide? They look so happy, let's bring that back!

    1. Hi Panda! Can I join the Happy Movement? It sounds awesome! Do I have to use me username? Because I go by Wombats. Thanks!

    2. Sure! And I can add you ad just Wombats. :)
      P.S. Love your profile picture. :D

  11. I would like to join. I kinda don't really feel "happy" a lot. I'm picked on a lot. I almost don't smile anymore. I might stop smiling. I want to join this so I can feel happier. Please let me join Awesomepanda868. My user is d66864. Just buddy me and jam a gram "Your In."

  12. @Paypayrod/Miss Webkinz & d66864


    1. Thanks a bunch! -d66864 on AJ

    2. Hey panda, can you delete my comment/? Lol. -d66864 on AJ

  13. Can I join? You can put me as CosmicCheetah AJ/Cheetah87516.

  14. Hi, I would like to join :D
    (You can put my name as Maplemink)

  15. May I join? I have a blog too and I'd love to join this movement!

  16. I just put the movement on my blog! :P


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