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Monday, January 26, 2015

Notice + RIM/RIT + Monday Animal Facts + Beta Player!

Hi jammers! I am on Cloud 9 right now... the superintendent of my school district just called, saying that we have a snow day today and tomorrow! There is a huge storm/blizzard coming to where I am (and maybe where some of you guys are as well) and 2 feet of snow is predicted! O.O A quick little notice though: I will most likely lose power either tonight or tomorrow night, so my apologies if I don't post. >.<

Moving on...

The RIM today is....

The rare pink purse! :O That was a rare item available in stores during last Thursday! Wow, AJHQ must have messed up and accidentally released that item, or they just felt like releasing it again? I feel bad for all those jammers who traded betas and rares for that item, thinking it would become super rare later... D:

This is a cool item, just wish it were less expensive. :P

WHY YOU DO THIS TO ME AJHQ!!???!??!?! :sobs: XD But really- WHY?!?!??!?!?!

For Monday's posting schedule, here are a few animal facts that you may enjoy! :)

At first glance, the giant panda would seem to resemble a bear, but in fact its features show it has a stronger affinity with raccoons.

Snow leopard's tails are thought to help them balance, but they also wrap them around themselves to keep warm. Just like scarves!

The roar of a Bengal tiger can carry for over 2km at night.

There are 88 million pet cats in the United States (14 million more than the amount of pet dogs).

I noticed a beta player in Jamaa Township earlier today! Their username was Adamance, and they were explaining how they were an otter, yet a non-member at the same time.

I find it so cool. XD And Fuzzy's style is amazing! I love that outfit so much...

Okay jammers- see you all later! :D



  1. I had a half day today, and there's a high chance of no school tomorrow and a delay opening on Wednesday. Less school.... *claps* YES!! :D
    Snow. 2 to 3 feet of it. o-o X3

    Cool animal facts! ^.^

    Snazzy nonmember otter! XD



  2. I guess she became otter because when her membership expired, she deleted all animals! But, she's so cute anyway!

    Also, I haven't been on the party yet! It hardly ever appears!
    Awesome post! ^-^

    1. Yup! And same here- the party never appears when I am on!
      Thanks! :)

  3. I love, love, love the new blog template! I should consider a rainforest theme soon . . . or maybe a waterfall . . . *o*

    I have one question for you, though. How do you add the top commentors gadget? I have tried several times before, but it never seemed to work out the way I wanted. :c

    I wish Utah would get more snow. It's kind of ironic because Utah is supposed to get a lot of snow. Actually, well, it does, but it only snows in the mountains, and I live in the valley. :T I can tell it's not going to be a very moist summer.

    1. Thank you so much! :D You should- I'm sure yours would look fantastic! (better than mine by far XD)
      Here is the one I used:
      Yeah... New York is always having these annoying little snow storms, that are enough to be a huge bother but not enough for a snow day or delay from school. :I

    2. My cousins live in New York, and this summer we might visit them. :o

    3. Cool! Where in NY do they live?


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