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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Heart Antennae and Heart Windows + Graphic!

*Note to Moondancer31: Your commission is in the previous post.*

Hi jammers! Too bad school starts again tomorrow... the only good news for me is that I will probably have a delay tomorrow and an almost definite snow day on Tuesday. :P

One of the new items is the heart antennae in Jam Mart Clothing!

This item is one of my all time favorites! ^.^ They look so adorable and bouncy and fun and... EPIC!!! XD They have a reasonable price, although I wish they were 200 - 250 gems instead of 300.

Another new item is the heart window in Jam Mart Furniture:

This is also a cute item. :) The heart window was for sale at the Friendship Party last year- I wonder why it was released in Jam Mart Furniture this year...

Speaking of the Friendship Party- I think AJHQ hates me. XD Every time I log on, the Friendship Party is either in 3 hours, or not even on the party list at all! >:O And it is my favorite party ever!!!

For Sunday's posting schedule, there will be a featured graphics post later, and in this post, there will be randomness.

Hmm... what to post, what to post....

Aha! I will post a graphic! Here it is...

by awesomepanda868

That graphic was in yesterday's Happy Movement segment, but I just felt like re-posting it. :P That new owl video has so many cute images for graphics! ^.^ 

And since that randomness was kind of lame, here is a collection of pretty nature backgrounds (that have nothing to do with AJ :P) I found on Google Images!

Okay jammers- make sure to send in any graphics you have quickly, because the Featured Graphics post will be going up soon! ^.^

Have an amazing day everyone! :D



  1. Woah... the template kinda freaked me out... THIS IS AWESOME!!!! BEST TEMPLATE I HAVE EVER SEEN!!! :OOO


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