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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy Movement : Segment #2!

Hi jammers! This is the second segment of the Happy Movement! Today I am listing a few activities you can do relating to Animal Jam if you are bored! Here we go! ^.^
  • Host a party! Hosting parties are always a super fun way to meet people, give your den a new look, and have a chance at getting on that grand Epic Dens list! (If you have a lot of people in your den you have a chance at getting on the Epic Dens list.) Decide which type of party you are going to host- maybe a late Jamaailday party, a New Year's party, a food-crazy party, a  lounge, an arcade, wildlife reserve, disco... be creative! To get people to come to your den, advertise your party in Jamaa Township or invite some of your buddies over! ^.^
  • Design a new den! Decorate your den in a way you haven't done before- who knows what masterpiece you'll end up with! ^.^ Experiment with new items in stores, go crazy with colors, create neat designs... maybe even buy a lot of a certain item (like pillows or mats) to create a shape or piece of art! 
  • Blog! If you have a blog, you can post on it, write a plushie blog series, make graphics, create new pages, make contests and parties and so on! If you don't have a blog, why not consider creating one?
  • Record a video! If you have a YouTube channel, you can create Animal Jam Music Videos of your favorite songs, make informative videos, make a contest/giveaway in a video, announce updates, do glitches and much more! Use some neat editing and effects to make your video interesting and fun! ^.^
  • Talk with buddies! Just talk, laugh and have fun! Laughing is good for you, and talking is a great way to interact with other people!
  • Spring cleaning! Even if it isn't spring, a cleaning session is always a good idea! Tidy up your dens, recycle spare items for gems, give away some extra stuff to your buddies or just virtually scrub, dust and straighten your den!
  • Make a piece of art! Head over to Peck's Art Studio in Coral Canyons and paint a masterpiece! You can send it in to AJHQ and it might be featured in Jammer Central! Let your creative juices flow! ^.^
  • Go on an adventure! Exploring the wondrous, amazing and beautiful land of Jamaa is fun- but challenging yourself to an adventure, defeating the phantoms and helping the land of Jamaa is even better! You will also collect some pretty nifty prizes along the way as well!

I hope you aren't bored anymore! And if you are still bored- maybe try getting off the computer and making some real-life art, reading or playing outside! ^.^
Bye for now, jammers! 


  1. Nice tips! Oh and thanks for following my blog. ^•^

  2. I really like the idea! This is really what you should do to be happy ^-^

  3. Wow, cool tips! I think I'll try the art, spring cleaning, and maybe decorating right now! -d66864 on AJ


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