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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Friendship Party Tour!

*Daily updates & daily posting schedule in two posts before and Mimi5000's commission in previous post.*

Hi jammers! I just went to the Friendship Party for the first time this year, and here are some pictures!

Yay! Finally AJHQ lets me go to this party!!! :D

Aww, all the roses and other flowers are so cute! This area is adorable!!!

So peaceful over there! :D

That heart-shaped flower garden is a great idea- I wish that was a den item!

Cute little seating area! :)

Again, a cute little seating area. XD

I am happy they put a Liza statue there- but why not any of the other alphas?

Haha! These thrones bring back good ol' memories. Has anyone else ever gone to this party and there is a hug jumble of jammers on the thrones, fighting with each other over who gets to be 'royal' and sit in them? XD

Aww, that lacy pink 'Sale' heart sign is so cute! And so is the little shop! 

These are all the items for sale. The only new one is the Valentine's Day Cards. I guess they had to take the Heart Window item out of the Friendship Party store and put it into Jam Mart Furniture to make room for this new item! 

Okay jammers- see you all later! :D


  1. I really like the new party! Lucky you, you visited it DX

    1. Me too! XD Yeah, I waited forever. >.<

  2. Hey Panda!
    So I need help!!!! So i'm making the blog and i don't know what name i should do..... What should i do!?

    1. If it is an Animal Jam blog, think of an item or sound you really like. For example, cookies, click etc. Then just put Animal Jam in front of it. Or, you can think of a cute name, a name that describes your blog's content (like the AJGC).
      I hope this helped! :D


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