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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Sewer Grate + Graphic + DE Post x2 + Vote + Mystery (sort of :P)!

Hi jammers! The new item is the sewer grate in Jam Mart Furniture! ^.^

This is a super creative item- I didn't know Jamaa had sewers! :peeks under grate: Yikes! It's very... dirty down there. :P

Here is a fabulous graphic of the new item that Mimi5000 made of today's item!

by Mimi5000

If you use that, please make sure to give Mimi5000 credit, not AJGC or me. 

I re-decorated my office space in my den- what do you guys think?

Hehe... if you have to study/read, or would just like a place to chat with your buddies (Quietly!!! :puts on librarian-like glasses and shushes everyone: XD), then make sure to stop by! 

I forgot to post the DE yesterday, so here is a daily DE post times 2. :P

Yesterday's post...

That arctic wolf is so cute! And I love how it is so easy to make the outfit that the arctic wolf is wearing! It is just like a mini outfit tip hidden in the drawing! From what I have interpreted, here is how to make the outfit:

What you need:

1 rare furry hat (RIM yesterday)
1 pair of blue or green colored candycane socks (one of the daily December advent gifts)
1 blue ribbon scarf (for sale in Jam Mart Furniture)

Too bad this outfit is only for members, but I suppose if you substitute the furry hat for an NM blue item, it would work! 

Today's post...

Tierney answered the question- how big is a giant squid's eye? Here is what she answered...

Here is a question for you all to answer in the comments: Would you like AJGC to have a posting schedule? For example: Den decorating tips on Monday, Blogging tip or gadget or freebie on Tuesday, scheduled graphic on Wednesday... etc. I'm wondering because often it it hard to come up with material to post. :P

I have a quick mystery/odd thing I noticed in the Crystal Palace den. Notice how the water in the fountain runs down into that bottom area, yet it never overflows!

Wouldn't the water level eventually just rise above the edge of the basin at the bottom? Come on AJ- learn some physics! XD Perhaps it is Mira's magic or something... :P Or (the more logical explanation) there is a filter at the bottom, leading all the water into... Jamaa's sewers! XD Oh Panda, you are so silly and odd... :P

Okay jammers- make sure to cast in your votes on the two polls- the one in this post mentioned earlier and the one on the right sidebar- How do you make your Animal Jam outfits?



1 comment:

  1. I guess its recycled so it reuses the water to keep it from not running out,,, make sure its not a hot day like here in Perth, All week its above 35 degrees -O-


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