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Monday, January 5, 2015


Hi jammers! Today was my first day back at school after the long holiday break, and my mind was like a huge ball of sludge. >.< I forgot 1+1... XD Just kidding, but math worksheets aren't pleasing after two weeks of sleeping in a lounging around... D:
I have to get started on homework, so this post may be short. ^.^ I will probably post another Happy Movement later though... (sorry about the whole getting-Happy-stuck-in-your-head incident... XD)
The RIM is the rare Jamaailday antlers for a pricy tag of 1,000 gems, in Jam Mart Clothing on the 6th page!

(Note: You can get these in the adventure, Jamaailday Rescue)

Gosh- is that all I can post about today? :looks at mountain of homework: Yes, jammers, sadly it is... 
I will be back later! :glares at math worksheet and English assignment: 


  1. My math teacher talked about her riding a motorcycle. And she thought her mother was stalking her. And she told her brother who then told their mom. This was for a good half hour of class time. X3

    1. XD That sounds hilarious! Get on topic, math teacher! :raps ruler:

    2. It was great having a break from learning algebra all class long. (I despise math.) >:)

      @ Mimi:
      You. Are. Lucky!!!

  2. I'm very sorry for you DX And good luck in school! :) My school is starting for 20 day WOHHOOO >:D
    -Mimi ^-^


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