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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

New Item...?

Hi jammers! Since there isn't much to post about on Animal Jam today, I will probably make a Happy Movement segment later.

The new item is the weird (and overpriced) snow blob-thingy. At least in my opinion, this item is way too expensive and kind of useless... unless you have the snow fort den and want to make it more winter-y.

I would make a graphic of this item, but the program I use to make graphics kept glitching out on me... >.<

Okay jammers- stay tuned for possibly more later! Sorry for the lame post- got to go do some annoying (glares at teachers) homework. See you! ^.^
Have a happy day!


  1. At first I thought this item was a new type of puffy and fluffy cloud. Or a squished marshmallow. Did you know that clouds actually are not puffy not fluffy? XD idk merp

    1. Same here! XD Squishy marshmallow... :P Derp. I didn't know that- cool fact! XD

    2. Yup. Hehe. ^-^

      Science class last year crushed everyone's dreams of fantasizing about living on puffy, fluffy clouds. I think they're actually made of ice and other elements. And can be a gas (I forgot lol). Oh! I think them clouds are really, really cold. Um yeah. I forgot a lot of things. In the troposphere. I forgot a lot of things, as you can probably tell. XD

    3. :mind blows: You used a lot of words there that I have no idea what you mean- you sound way smarter than me. XD Troposphere... :looks up in dictionary: That is really cool though! Clouds are interesting! PUFFY FLUFFY CLOUDS!!!!!

    4. Well... I AM older than you! XD

      That troposphere info thingy was what I learned last year. 8th grade science class for ya! ;)

    5. XD Yesh, yesh you are.
      I see. XD 8th grade sounds hard....

    6. ALL grades are hard! (In my opinion lel) And that is one reason (but most important- well kind of) why I hate school. c:


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