Blogger Tricks Animal Jam Graphic Central!: Flamingo + Gem Code + Room Spotlight!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Flamingo + Gem Code + Room Spotlight!

Hi jammers! The new item is the pink flamingo in Jam Mart Furniture!

This is a nice item (I love flamingos, so I will definitely buy it!) but I wonder why AJHQ released such a spring/summer-like item in the middle of winter? 

This also looks a lot like the flamingo in Crystal Sands:

Mimi5000 published a picture of one of the items in the Play Wild Beta app on her blog, relating it to today's item. Take a look:

Image credit to Mimi5000 of the Animal Jam Paw Up!
Look familiar? Unlike in Animal Jam, the Play Wild version of the flamingo is a duller pink, but is cheaper and can be changed to a different color. I wonder if they will make items both in the Play Wild game and Animal Jam...

Make sure to use the code PETS when you log in this morning to receive 500 gems! Credit for that goes to kittygomeow! ^.^ 

I decided to start a short series in the daily posts, where I focus on one of the buildings or lands in Jamaa. Today, we will be focusing on Captain Melville's Juice Hut in Crystal Sands!

Have you ever noticed the window to the right of the counter? 

Hehe, a jammer left their juice on the windowsill. XD And I wonder what that window is looking out at...

There are many different types of fruit in baskets hanging around the shop! Many of them aren't even for sale as a flavor of smoothie... O,O Like those reddish fruits in the picture on the left. Are those giant raspberries or pomegranates or something...?

That chalkboard behind the counter- what type of writing is that? It looks like it is made up of paw prints, not letters... And that green hanging lantern looks really neat, wouldn't it be cool is that were a den item? 

That banjo looks like some item that would be released in the beta days- and so does that microphone and speaker. This is a cool place in the shop though, because you can just randomly start singing annoying songs to the shoppers! XD 

Who do you think Captain Melville was? A human, like Brady Barr and Tierney? A jammer, like all of our animals and the alphas? Why is he not present in Jamaa today? 

I hope you enjoyed today's post. XD Have a nice day jammers! 



  1. I just tried to do animal jam beta. They haven't replied yet though.

    1. I hope they reply soon! ^.^ :crosses paws:


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