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Internet Safety Tips!

The Internet is an amazing place, but there are some safety rules that you have to follow every time you are on the Internet to ensure that you and your personal information are kept safe!

  • If someone is making you feel uncomfortable, just leave. If you are on a chat room, save a copy of the chat so that you have it later for reference (just in case things get messy) and close the window or exit the chat room. On Animal Jam, you can leave the room that the person is in, or block them and continue on with your business.
  • Never share your personal information when you are online. Even when you are talking with someone that you think you can trust, it is better not to share your personal information. This includes your age, name, address, password and other information that you wouldn't just share with any old stranger.
  • Create strong passwords. A password like abc123 or even a one or two word password like animaljam is putting you in danger of getting hacked. There are computer programs that can guess an easy password in less than an hour. Take the extra few seconds to secure your accounts with strong, secure passwords. To create a strong password, you can think of a random adjective (ex: fluffy) and then slap 3-4 random symbols or numbers after it (ex: &6^8). Then, add a random noun or verb (ex: foot) and 4-5 numbers or symbols after (ex: 45#2@). Boom, you have a nearly impossible to guess password! (ex: FLUFFY&6^8foot45#2@)
  • Never open emails that look suspicious. If you get an email from someone that you have never heard of, then just put it in spam or the trash. Remember- some emails carry dangerous links, viruses and other horrible things. It's better not to get involved.
  • Be careful where you type your passwords. There are many sites that have been created to look like the real ones, just to get people's passwords when they type them in to the fake login. Do not fall for this. Only type your passwords in the actual site.

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  1. These are SO helpful! Also, I worked my way around my Pixlr trouble, I just do the Pixlr part in my How to Make Graphics slideshow! ^-^


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