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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Jamaa Journal Update + Daily Explorer!

Hi jammers! I nearly screamed when I saw the cover page of the Jamaa Journal today! If you've seen the Jamaa Journal today, you know why... XD

*Warning. The following post has lots of exclamation points, like AJHQ. It also contains many "adorable!!!" and "cute!!!!" and "awesome!!!" type words.

This is so adorable!!!!!! Pet pandas!!!!! Apparently ajinsider was right. These fluffy little guys are for sale in the Diamond Shop (or via the panda banners) for 3 diamonds!

Look at that one in the front with the straw hat (sensi hat, kind of)!!! It is so adorable!!! 
I had 17 diamonds, so I was able to buy one!!! I named it Megabear!!!

:hugs Megabear: He is so fluffy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am literally screaming at the pure cuteness of this whole panda Jamaa Journal cover. XD Let's move along to the second page so I can be quiet about panda cuteness...

Oh no. Bad luck for you guys who wanted me to be quiet about pandas...

I hope we can adopt 50,000 pet pandas by January 22nd!!! Then AJHQ can adopt a real panda! More cute pandas safe from mean poachers... >:O

That bouncy house party looks pawsome! I wonder if you keep hopping throughout the entire castle... It looks INSANELY fun, though! ^.^

Just like last time (with the hair salon, Egyptian theme and ice cream parlor) AJHQ is having a den item contest! Would you rather explore deep space or create a pizza parlor or paint studio? (like Peck's in Coral Canyons!) I bet that AJHQ will do what they did last time and make all the themes eventually, but I voted for the paint studio! ^.^ I liked all of them though! :D I can't wait for these items to come out! The voting looks like this:

Hint: Click on the blue magnifying glass at the bottom right of each picture to enlarge the sample picture of the items.
The next page looks like this:

I didn't unscramble the puzzle yet, but I am pretty sure the animal is an owl. The horned ears, feet and wings make me think so. ^.^ Perhaps AJHQ will be nice (which they usually aren't >.<) and make this NOT in the Diamond Shop and for ALL JAMMERS! 

The Daily Explorer has a cute little video of a panda named Bao Bao in Washington D.C. who just had his first snow day today! Yay for Bao Bao!

You can watch the cute little video of him rolling around in the snow below!

The cute little guy! He looks so fuzzy and soft! :hugs Bao Bao virtually: And did you know that "Bao Bao" means "hug" in Chinese? At least that's what my dad told me. ^.^

AJHQ also ended the previous post with an adorable gif of a panda!

And it gets even better! They made this cute, animated artwork of the pet pandas!

:sighs happily: Today was a good day. ^.^ 

Stay tuned for more later jammers! I will probably make a new graphic or two of some of the pet pandas! :D


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