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AJGC's Graphic Artists & Authors!

If you are actively sending in graphics to AJGC, you will have your own blurb on this page! Also, if you sign up to be a designer, and you are accepted, you get a blurb as well! Remember, you don't have to make the world's best graphics to be on this page, you just have to send in a few every week. I hope you guys enjoy reading fellow graphic-artist's blurbs!
Note- to create a blurb, please scroll down to the bottom of this page.



Hi! I'm awesomepanda868 on Animal Jam, and I love chocolate! My graphics are pretty random sometimes, especially since I like to make them of whatever I can get my paws on! My specialty of custom design is signatures and headers, so I hope we can get in touch if you would like to order one from me! I make all custom designs free of charge! :D

Contact Me!
Google+: AwesomePanda868 AJ



Hello. I'm arcticpenguinII on AJ, and I am epic. I co-own the Animal Jam Go with my twin brother. I make graphics of stuff and other stuff and also make customizable graphics. I will charge you ten million dollars (not really). Well, bye!

Contact Me!
Google+: Arcticpenguin661
YouTube: Arcticpenguin661

CosmicCheetah AJ

Author & Graphic-Artist/Commissioner

Hello! My name is Cosmic, and I am so honored to be posting for the Animal Jam Graphic Central! My blogging time started on Saturday, July 4th, 2015, so I haven't been blogging for long. I started my AJGC blogging experience by signing up to be a Holiday Author. I officially started my posting on the AJGC on Monday, December 7th, 2015, which is also my birthday. I love Nerd Glasses in Animal Jam, and Catcher, a snow leopard, is one of my favorite Animal Jam avatars that I own. My favorite land is Sarepia Forest, and I love the game Overflow. I LOVE making my dens nice, and if you want you can visit them sometime. I am also a long-time editor and blogger. If you want to see how much I've improved in blogging, take my first ever blog post and my first new item post on the Animal Jam Comet, for instance. That's about it! Ciao, and Comet On!

Where Can You Find Me?

Animal Jam -- Cheetah87516
Google+ -- CosmicCheetah AJ
YouTube -- CosmicCheetah AJ
DeviantART -- CosmicColaKitty
Instagram -- @CosmicCheetah_AJ
Wikia -- CosmicCheetah

Want to create your own graphic artist blurb?
Thats great! Make sure that:
- You have submitted at least 2 graphics weekly for the past 3 weeks. (Please don't lie, because I can just look to see how many you sent). 
- You are comfortable with people reading your blurb.
- You have read this document.
Once that is okay, you can start filling out this form (in an email please)!
In an email to, please include:
  • Your Animal Jam Username
  • A few sentences about you
  • A picture of your animal (optional)
  • A link to your blog if you have one (optional)
Want to create you own designer blurb?
Awesome! Make sure that you have signed up on this document! Then, once you are accepted into the designer group, you will be put up on the list of designers AND you will receive a blurb!
In your blurb, please include:
  • You Animal Jam Username
  • A few sentences about you
  • A picture of your animal (optional) 
  • A link to your blog if you have one (optional)
  • Your best type of designing art (signatures, headers, blog layouts, graphics, logos etc.)
  • Your email for viewers to contact you for a custom graphic 
Yay! Happy that you could join our awesome community of avid graphic artists and designers!

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  1. actually wingofthesun is just an author of the aj nox. vms19 was the real owner until they quit last year. but wingofthesun does have a blog of his own: animal jam tribune

  2. Hey AwesomePanda868, i believe i did a drawing for you? Anyways, do you think i can have a graphic? I'd love a Parrot! Parrots are my faorite animal!
    Thanks! / TeddyBearWarrior :

    1. Yup, you sure did, and I love it! :D You would like a graphic of a parrot? Like an Animal Jam parrot (from the Journey Book) or a real life parrot?

  3. My contact stuff:

  4. sINCE jAM VS SCAM CLOSED, YOU MIGHT WANNA TAKE THAT OFF OF ARCTIC'S BLURB Sorry i didn't notice the caps lock and I'm too lazy to retype it

  5. Can I reapply to be a Graphic Artist? I am sorry about my inactiveness before.

    1. If yes, can you delete the blog links, and the /sneakyfoxx part? Thanks. I promise I will make a lot more graphics this time. So sorry about before!

    2. Great, thanks! Oh, would it be alright if you could invite me as a author of the blog? That way I can post my own graphics, instead of having to send them to you, and then you having to post them for me? =)

  6. My username is now arcticpenguinII but my G+, YouTube and email have not changed.

  7. Hey panda! Could I become a graphic artist even though I do not have a blog e mail? Also I have not sent in graphics to you but I have been featured a lot so yeah.



    1. Sure! Just send me the graphics whenever you would like. Technically anyone who wants to be a graphic artist or has previously contributed/been featured on the AJGC is a graphic artist! We are an accepting and inviting community. :)

  8. Hey panda could I join to be a author? I would love to work with you!
    If inactive once I will try to become active again. I do not (sadly) know how to make graphics! Lol but if there is room could I maybe could I
    Work with you?

    Thanks Panda :D

  9. cool! i have a website to!


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