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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Jamaa Journal Updates + New Item + Adventure Tour!

Hi jammers! When you logged in today, you may have seen the new Jamaa Journal!

Cool! An adventure for all jammers and that looks really fun! I will post a tour of it later in the post! It looks a bit like the Jamaaliday Rescue adventure, from the background of the picture. :) I hope AJHQ continues with the seasonal maze adventure trend!

This was announced in the previous newspaper, but that image looks like a perfect picture for a graphic... :wiggles eyebrows mysteriously: 

C'mon AJHQ- you can't have an exact copy of a page in the previous Jamaa Journal! The armor is cool anyways. :D

As mad as I am for AJHQ practically duplicating yet another page, I love that jammers adopted 85,000 pet pandas!! :D 

The owls look really cute- I want them to come really soon! And AGAIN, AJHQ duplicates a page from the last Jamaa Journal. :T

Two more weeks?!?!! NUUUUU!!!!

Anyways, that was an exceptionally boring Jamaa Journal, besides the new adventure. :I 

Moving on, the new item is the heart ring for an expensive tag of 1,000 gems, for sale at Epic Wonders! 

And here is a quick tour of the new adventure, Special Delivery!

Basically, the objective of the adventure is to put all the letters and Valentines in the mailboxes of the jammers. Rose gives you three sets of around 20-50 cards for you to place in the mailboxes. The first round is quite easy- but they get a lot harder (especially the last round)!

This is the spawning area. I believe that building on the right is the post office. ^.^ 

When you go up from the spawning area, you reach here, the spot with the giant owl statue.

The houses in this adventure are so adorable! Those treehouses are extremely cute! 

Yet another cute house! ^.^ 

This little clearing with the adorable snow benches and fire is awesome!

Just like the other adventures, when four jammers hop on the purple paw prints in the snow, it unlocks a special gem/item-chest area. The above picture shows one of them. :)

Aww- the map forms a heart when you finish!

You will probably come across this moment at some time in this adventure, and practically scream your head off in frustration after you rack the adventure for that last mailbox you are missing! I know I did... GAH!!! SO FRUSTRATING!!! XD

And that lovely moment when you finally find the last one... XD Yeah- my koala kind of looks invisible in that picture. :P

Here are some of the prizes I earned throughout the adventure...

Aww! I love this so much! 

:screams: THIS IS SO CUTE!!! I do believe this is my new favorite item!! :O

Don't really know how this item would come in handy- but you never know! :D

Ooh- yummy! This is also one of my new favorite items!! :D That looks so delicious... :drinks from chocolate fountain when no one is looking: XD

This is cute as well! ^.^ Tie-dye mustache! Hashtag awesomeness. :P

Cool! Not really holiday-appropriate, but I still love it ever so much!

Here is all of the new items in a den:

And here is the friendship mustache:

BLAHAHAHAHAHHA (Ahem. Excuse my crazy self.)  My otter looks hilarious in that mustache. :P
I saw some other Friendship themed clothing items on some jammer's trade lists.

And make sure to stop by my den for a Valentine's party! Even if I am not online, you can still invite your buddies over! :D (Shh! Don't tell anyone, but the delicious, yummy, scrumptious chocolate fountain is upstairs! And a few gumdrops... okay- a BARREL of gumdrops. And lollipops. And a candy window. And sprinkles too. It'll be our little secret... :stuffs face with chocolate, candy and sweets: XD)

I got another howl plaque last night- honestly, I just randomly submitted: "Jamaa rocks!" fifty times in Jammer Central and I have received 2 howl plaques. Huh... better do that more often. XD

And more Think About it Thursday...

There is an owl statue there (Duh!). Do you think there will become an owl alpha? If they do, will they add the same owl statue to the shop in the Chamber of Knowledge? 

What are those blue and white sparkly things coming out of the Zios statue in the Temple of Zios? Magic? 

Sorry for the short edition of Think About it Thursday, I just doubt that anyone is still even reading this way too long post by now. :P

Okay jammers- so long! :D


  1. I read the whole thing! Give me a hand! *zombie rips off hand and gives it to me*

  2. The mustache reminds of my extremely crazy member-only penguin, Count. Counttheeyes. Nobody remembers Count. ;n;

    Oh yeah. PANDA! >8U Every time I go on AJ to stalk (I mean follow o3o) you when you're on, it always won't let me. And then I'm stuck in Aldan with all these beggars and mate-beggars and scammers everywhere. Everywhere. O-O Y U DO DIS 2ME!?!?

    Answer: Fairy pixely pixels. :3

    1. XD Count Theeyes? :counts Count's eyes: Hopefully he has two... O,O
      Lolz. ALDAN IS SO WEIRD!!! XP


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