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Friday, January 23, 2015

New Items + Howl Plaque + Friday Randomness!

Hi jammers! This post has to be somewhat quick, since I am going out on a family outing soon. ^.^


The new items are the pink geode and heart rug in Jam Mart Furniture!

I love the heart rug- it is so fuzzy looking!!!!! And the pink geode is so pretty! (both for reasonable gems prices as well! ^.^) Here is what a real pink geode looks like:

Pretty similar- eh? XD

When I logged in today, I received a random Jam-a-Gram. And guess what?!?! It was a howl plaque from AJHQ! (To be honest, I never remember submitting a howl XD) Yay- my first one ever. ^.^

Since it is Friday, I will be posting a freebie graphic later. But since I have to go now, here is a quick Think about it Thursday to keep you occupied for the moment! ^.^

Notice how the water from the waterfalls flow down into the larger river, yet the water in the river never moves. You would think that all that water flowing into the river would cause waves and currents...

Okay- I have to go jammers! Have an amazing day, and look out for that freebie! ^.^


  1. Cool post! :P

    When I got my first howl plaque from AJHQ, I reacted the same way an average Jammer reacts when they get their favorite spike sent to them. No, founders. XD

    I don't overreact as much now. I think.

    1. Thanks!

      XD I used to overreact over a=everything, but now I have (sort of :P) calmed down (a little bit XD).


  2. Hey panda I got a blog btw its me Bluesauce
    Youtube is Spoon AJ
    See ya!

  3. Congrats on the howl thingy I have 2 from aj hq

  4. Congrats on the howl thingy I have 2 from aj hq


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