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Beta Times

Animal Jam was released on July 27, 2010. It was in testing mode, or the "beta mode". Jammers made an account and played the game for the summer (until September 10, 2010) to give AJHQ feedback and to let them know if there were any bugs or glitches. Beta will never come back, because "beta" means: a computer or software program near completion. This means, that since Animal Jam has already been released, there will never be another beta testing period.

About Beta Times

*Most pictures from Animal Jam Community and Google Images*

The homepage looked a lot different.

There were no memberships- everyone had the same privileges. 

In place of the Pillow Room, there was a doctor's office/hospital. (Sort of like the Medical Center)

At the base of Sarepia Forest, there were large mushrooms.

The lands also looked really different from the ones now, and there was no Mt. Shiveer, Coral Canyons, Appondale or any of the underwater places.

Jamaa Township had a large green gem where the Jammer Central bulletin board is now.

The Temple of Zios looked mostly the same, except in place of the Zios statue, there was a monkey statue!

The Beta den was large and for all jammers. 

The Jam-a-Grams looked different than the ones today.

Most of the "epic" and "rare" items that are high in demand nowadays in Jamaa come from the Beta testing period. These items were sold in the normal shops like Jam Mart Furniture and Jam Mart Clothing, and many of them are far less expensive than the items in stores now.

Flooring and wallpaper had a different appearance, and had more of a realistic look to them.

The Jamaa Journal looked very different as well! 

The plushie claw also looked different, with more basic plushies.

Beta testers all got a free membership.

You can watch the Animal Jam beta trailer below:


  1. Hey Panda! This is cool with the beta days and everything! :) where you from the beta days? I started during it but then i quit then i started again after the beta days though.. I can comment now to!! :)

    1. Thanks! No, I wasn't from the beta days, but they sound awesome! Cool- did you pick up any of the beta items or take any screenshots of it? Yay! :D

    2. i was from th ebeta days, well not for too long it was so good good memories i quit aj when all that cool stuff was gone but now im back on!

  2. Coral Canyons was a gift for AJ's beta period ending. You might want to add that.

  3. I teared up when I looked at these pictures. Man, I can barley remember these places anymore! The old pillow room was my favourite.

    1. Yeah, the beta days sound amazing! And the old version of the pillow room looks so cozy and amazing!

    2. It had a soundtrack with soft human voices, I remember, like an actual Medical Center. I was lucky in that when Animal Jam started Club Penguin had started to transfer rights to disney so I had somewhere new to go. :) Poor CP has met it's downfall.

    3. @ sam the AIBO, i used to play CP but i soon lost interest (transfering to dysney being it's big downfall) i played it in 2012 and then moved to playing bearville (which has since sadly closed down) i now stick to animal jam (which i learned of through a friend) i also play stardoll but don't play it as much as AJ.

    4. Yes, i loved the pillow room, i liked to act there with my old school friends from Brazil.

  4. Cool page! I loved learning about the beta days of Jamaa! ^-^

  5. Omg know I have learned so much about the beta days

  6. i love aj im jem10009 i love roleplays my favorite thing in aj is rare item mondays.

  7. i dont care for the rims anymore.every thing the article i knew =P


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