Blogger Tricks Animal Jam Graphic Central!: Magnet + New Posting Schedule!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Magnet + New Posting Schedule!

Hi jammers! Here is the new item (for sale in Jam Mart Furniture)!

That is one huge magnet! Look at how big it is in a den...

I don't think this is the kind of magnet you stick to your fridge... XD I think this item is creative (like yesterday's item) but a little on the expensive side. And I mean, seriously? AJHQ won't let non-members have a magnet? Geez... :P

Moving on from my randomness...

Here is the AJGC's new posting schedule, so at least there is something to look forward to every day. Remember that this is in addition to the normal DE post, new items, RIM's, updates etc. I may not follow this schedule on some days, if I am too busy to post, etc.

AJGC Posting Schedule:

Sunday- Featured Graphics & Mystery Fun Stuff in Daily Post (a mystery, random extra in the daily post as well as a Featured Graphics post with all graphics sent in that week!)
Monday- Everything that crawls, hops, flies or slithers... (animal fun facts segment!)
Tuesday- Tuesday Tips (den and clothing tips as well as secrets of Jamaa!)
Wednesday- Freebie or Commission Coupon (a coupon for commissions [ex: Circus Packs are now free until Friday!] or free social media icons or graphics!)
Thursday- Think about it Thursday (a segment of Jamaa's mysteries for you to wonder about and share your thoughts on!)
Friday- Random (to celebrate making it through the week, Friday's schedule is completely random; it follows the schedule of a random other day [ex: On Friday, the posting schedule could follow the Wednesday schedule, or any of the other days]!)
Saturday- Happy Movement Segment & Commission Giveaway (segment of the Happy Movement as well as a free giveaway of any commission through a raffle!)

I hope this sounds somewhat exciting. :P

:looks at schedule that I randomly made up just now: Okay- today's schedule is Freebie or Commission Coupon! Here is a commission coupon...

In case you aren't sure how to use this coupon, I will explain. Basically, you go onto the Commissions page, like you normally would when ordering a commission. Then, you scroll down the page until you find the Social Media Icons option. Include all the information requested in an email or comment. Then, make sure to insert the code stated in the coupon at the bottom of your commission request to get these icon free of charge! Hurry and order them though, because they are only free until this coming Friday, January 23rd!

Okie dokie... I better go get started on my homework. I will see you all later! :D


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