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Here is a collection of all the polls the AJGC has had!

January 11th - January 18th

Do you like waffles or pancakes better?

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Apparently, most of the viewers of AJGC like both waffles and pancakes! I agree- they are both delicious! ^.^

January 18th - January 25th

How do you make your Animal Jam outfits?

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I agree with the two options that most jammers voted for! I usually pick a color scheme or just put on my favorite item to create my outfits. :)

January 26th - February 2nd

Have you ever dropped a suggestion in the AJGC's Suggestion Box?

For those of you who were wondering what the Suggestion box was, here is the link!

February 2nd - February 9th

Which is your favorite season?

I guess that most people like spring and fall! I love fall as well, and winter would be my second favorite. I don't like spring as much because I have pollen allergies. >.< This poll was so interesting!

February 9th - February 17th 

Do you like chocolate or vanilla better?

Haha- I suppose that the viewers of AJGC like chocolate the best. :P Or they like both of them, but they prefer chocolate. I love chocolate the most, but vanilla is pretty tasty as well. :)

February 15 - February 21

What should I add to the AJGC?

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I guess that I had better get working on a story series and achievements guide! ^.^ I will most likely make all of these pages at one point, but I will make the story series and achievements guide first.

February 21 - March 2

What should I add to the AJGC?

Hmm... since there was a three-way tie, I guess I will have to make all of those at some point. :P

March 2nd - April 5th

What would you like new videos by the AJGC to be about?

Expect some new music videos and short films to be popping up 'round the YouTube channel soon! ^.^

April 5th - April 19th

What is your favorite thing about Animal Jam?

I'm really happy that nobody chose 'the rares and betas' option. DX My favorites have to be the buddies, nature facts, collecting items, strolling around Jamaa, the fun lands and... wait--that was all of them. XD Never mind. :P

April 9th - May 1st

What is your favorite subject in school?

Awesome! My favorite subjects are Math, English and Art. :P


  1. Can we comment our awnsers to past polls? -d66864 on AJ

    1. Sure! Just comment the date or title of the poll and the answer you would have picked. ^.^

  2. Ok. -d66864 on AJ

  3. January 11-18th, I chose Pancakes! January 18-25, I use my favorite item and build around it! January 26-Febuary 2, I just did, so yes! Febuary 2-9, I like all seasons! Febuary 9-17, I like both, and red velvet and caramel! Febuary 15-21, Story page! -d66864 on AJ with another comment to follow.

    1. Nvm, no more, but im sure there will be! -d66864 on AJ


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