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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Happy Movement : Segment #8!

Hi jammers! Sorry for the late segment- I was pretty busy today. >.< You may have noticed that I changed the blog template! Do you like it? Since I couldn't find any cherry blossom images that worked as a background, I decided to go a different route and made the theme a deep, rich jungle! ^.^

This segment of the Happy Movement will explain what our goal is in Jamaa.

In a nutshell...

In a nutshell, our goal is to bring back the 'old days' in Jamaa! Many jammers who were beta testers for the game say that people were a lot kinder back then, and that they wish that Jamaa would go back to the way it was- scammer and hacker free, and full of kindness, friendship and fun! What we are trying to do, is to bring back happiness in Jamaa. This movement sort of rolls all the Animal Jam movements into one- the Kindness Movement, the Animal Jam Scam Watchers Society, the Friendship Means Everything blog, the No Scamming Movement and Jammer vs. Scammer! Think about it- if we are able to decrease the amount of scamming, bullying and hacking in Jamaa by 50%, Jamaa would be a way better place! Through segments of the movement, we will share tips on how not to get scammed or hacked!

(graphic by awesomepanda868)

Stay tuned for many more tips on staying safe and helping to stop bullying, scamming and hacking!



  1. The new blog header reminds me if a rainforest! ^•^

  2. I joined THE DAY after beta testing ended (XD) but yeah, people were kinder. It was rare to hear of a scammer, and hacking was, well, legndary

    1. XD That must have been annoying... Yeah, people must have been. It is nice to hear that scamming was rare and hacking was even rarer...

  3. This blog is both amazing and creative! I love the new template -,-
    Be sure to visit! Nice post, Panda!
    (btw I'm Wombats :P)

    1. Thank you so much! :D
      I have visited a few times, but I will make sure to comment more. XD And thank you again! I love all your posts on AJPU!


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