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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

New Items + Tuesday Tips!

Hi jammers! :I When I woke up this morning, I was expecting to see 2-3 feet of snow in our backyard and deck, as the forecast predicted for this blizzard. BUT IT HAD ONLY SNOWED 2 INCHES!!! :O And at least where I lived (I know some areas like Nantucket got the storm worse) we didn't lose power, the winds weren't strong and there was hardly any snow. And everyone spent lots of money preparing for the storm as well... oh well.

The two new items are the heart eyepatch and heart necklace in Bahari Bargains!

The Friendship Party is in 19 minutes, so I will post a tour of that later. I doubt it will be any different from last year, though. XD

Okay... for today's Tuesday Tips, there will be two different parts. The first part will be clothing tips, the second will be blogging tips. 

Let's start with the clothing tips...

Tip #1! Decide on a color scheme before making your outfits!

This was an option on the 'How do you make your Animal Jam outfits?' poll, so I know that a lot of you guys already do this. But it is a great way to get a nice looking outfit in a stylish color! ^.^ Here are a few examples I did with my animals:

Grey and black color scheme (w/ white accents)

Blue and white color scheme

Dark green/turquoise and white color scheme (w/ black accents)

Tip #2! Have your pet's colors and clothes compliment your animal's colors and clothes!

If you and your pet have the same colors and clothes, the pair of you will look smashing! XD Here is an example:

The white of Happy's underbelly and feet accessories compliment the pet's white fur!

Sorry that section was so short and unhelpful. XD Onto the blogging tips!

Tip #1! Once or twice a week/month, go around your blog with a pen and paper handy. Observe anything you want to be changed- perhaps an extra space there, removing a gadget that isn't helping the look of your blog, editing certain colors... etc. 

Tip #2! Make sure that your colors work together. If you have a white background, chances are, yellow links that turn neon green on hover won't show up the best. Choose darker color fonts, links and titles on a lighter background, and light color fonts, links and titles on a darker background. 

Tip #3! Look for tutorials constantly! You aren't a dumbhead for not knowing how to do something- the works of HTML, blogging and CSS are tricky! Don't be afraid to ask for help! There are many resources you have to go to if you have a question. You can ask the AJGC for help! As crazy and weird as I am, I actually do know a decent amount of CSS, HTML etc. for both the Blogger and Squarespace platforms. You can also read our Blogging Tips & Tricks page for help, or request a tutorial to be posted on there! My other website, The Dancing Panda has some more advance tutorials for Blogger and Squarespace, so you can check those out as well! :D If all of those don't work, just look up exactly what you want on the Internet. 

Tip #4! Go crazy with widgets and gadgets! Viewers love sidebar stuff- they just do. Don't overload your sidebar with gadgets, but don't be shy to add a few here and there, either! 

Okay jammers- that is all for now! See you all later! :D (Better get working on a few commissions!)


  1. Haha same! XD
    The meteorologists said that my area will get around 24 inches of snow. I only got 6 inches. (They always lie....)

    1. XD :shakes head: Those weather people... tsk, tsk, tsk... XD

    2. Yep. *tsk, tsk* But maybe all that snow went out to sea because of the wind. idk, that's my mom said. X3


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