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Friday, January 9, 2015

Mohawks + Jam Mart Clothing + Graphics

Hi jammers! I have a blogging tutorial to post and a commission or two to do as well, so this post has to be quick. >.< I will post again later today possibly and tomorrow definitely!

The new item is the mohawk in Jam Mart Clothing! It comes in black (default), hot pink, dark blue, deep red, white, yellow, light orange and purple.

In my opinion, this is a pretty decent item for the price of it! ^.^ Especially since it comes in so many fun colors! 

For those of us who went back to school this week- happy Friday! Weekend, (a.k.a. sleeping until noon, being lazy and blogging, for me XD) here we come!!! 

I have always wondered this- why do the clothing tables in Jam Mart Clothing look so weird? The one in the center and the one to the right of that one look more "beta" and the one to the far left looks more new.

Also, a few of those items on the tables haven't been released before. Like those ruby boots over on the far left table. Have you ever seen those before?

On the shelves to the far left of the shop, there is a Mira statue (like the beta one), a bamboo plant (like the one in Jam Mart Furniture), a lava lamp (like the one in Jam Mart Furniture) and what looks like a daisy in a green vase (on the top shelf next to the Mira statue). Why are those items in a clothing store? 

And there are those boots again! This time, there is an amethyst embellished pair and an emerald 

On nafaria9's blog, she posted these pawsome graphics of the new animal (owl), the rare claw and the clothing sign above Jam Mart Clothing! Thanks for making these transparent graphics Naffy- they are spotless and perfect! 

I especially like the owl one- the lines are super clean and sharp!

Okay jammers- I will be posting a blogging gadget/HTML tutorial later, as well as a commission!

Stay tuned! ;D


  1. Thank you for posting those! ^o^

  2. can you help me on Aj To get a Mohawk -DanceMaster9


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