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Jamaa Dictionary!

Here are some of Jamaa's terms and common words for anyone who is curious what they mean! Use the command: Control (or Command) - F to find the terms you want faster!

Achievements- badges that you receive for completing certain goals
AJMV- (Animal Jam Music Video) are videos with jammer's animals saying lyrics to a song, published usually through YouTube
Alphas- the guardians of Jamaa
Animal Jam Blog- a website containing information and posts about Animal Jam
Clan- a group of animals (usually cats played by wolves) role-playing characters/similar characters from the series, Warriors (clans usually take place in Sarepia Forest)
Club Geoz- a dance club in Jamaa Township (when a certain amount of jammers dance on the dance floor, a disco ball comes down from the ceiling)
Codes- words or phrases that you type into the "I Have a Code!" box below the login form on the homepage of Animal Jam for promo gifts (like gems or items)
Coral Canyons- a desert-like land in Jamaa that is mostly made of orange-brown rock
Daily Spin- a wheel that jammers spin every day when they log in to earn gems, surprise gifts or diamonds with a daily login bonus multiplier (up to x3)
Diamonds- a currency in Jamaa that can be used at the Diamond Shop to purchase animals, items, pets, dens, music and more (members get diamonds every Tuesday, and all jammers can spin the Daily Spin for a chance to earn a maximum of 3 diamonds)
Diamond Shop- a place in Jamaa Township where you can buy animals, items, pets, dens, music and more with diamonds
Epic Wonders- a store behind the waterfall in Coral Canyons that sells both furniture and clothing items
Fashion Show- an event that jammers like to host at their dens where jammers come to have a Best Dressed-like contest
Flash Trading- (commonly mentioned using the words flash or flash123 or lightning) a method of scamming where a jammer "flashes" a good trade at somebody and cancels it before they can accept
Games- (or mini-games) activities around Jamaa that you can play to earn gems or tickets
Gems- the currency in Jamaa that can be used to buy items
Gifts- presents that can be attached to Jam-a-Grams sent to other players
Graphics- icons/pictures cut out of bigger scenes (usually transparent or white background)
Horses Only Party- a party (can be accessed in Party Menu) that only horses can go to
Jamaa- the entire world of Animal Jam
Jamaasian- an adjective describing Jamaa
Jam-a-Gram- customizable method of mail or postcard that can be sent from player to player
Jam Mart Clothing- a store in Jamaa Township that sells clothing
Jam Mart Furniture- a store in Jamaa Township that sells furniture
Jamaa Township- the most popular land in Jamaa with multiple buildings resembling a town (where most trading and chatting takes place between jammers)
Jump!- Animal Jam's mobile app, featuring a kangaroo
Mailtime- a type of video that Animal Jam YouTubers make, where they open gifts that jammers sent them (often rare gifts) in a video
Monkey's Only Party- a party (can be accessed in Party Menu) that only monkeys can go to
Movement- a campaign for a cause
Outback Imports- a store in the Kimbara Outback that sells stone furniture items
Penguin's Only Party- a party (can be accessed in Party Menu) that only penguins can go to
Password- the word or phrase you pick for your account's password is half of your login (don't share it with anyone, except a trusted adult)
RIM- (Rare Item Monday) a rare item released every Monday (changes every time) for sale in on of Jamaa's stores
Scamming- (commonly mentioned using the words scan or scarce) when someone unfairly takes your items using a method of scamming via trading or gifting
The Daily Explorer- (or DE) Animal Jam's official blog
Trading- a method of exchanging up to 20 items with another player
Username- the name you pick for you account when you first register as half of your login
Views- the amount of times someone viewed a blog


  1. Very helpful! Even though I knew everything XD
    -Mimi ^-^

    1. XD Yeah... anyone who has played for awhile probably knows all of these already... :P

    2. I got my diamonds every Monday

  2. You should add things like 'clanner' or 'fashion show'. I was going to make one for my blog, but then I found this one! Some of the jammer terms are probably unknown to jammer sprouts.

  3. You should add things like 'clanner' or 'fashion show'. I was going to make one for my blog, but then I found this one! Some of the jammer terms are probably unknown to jammer sprouts.

  4. You should add scammer, so people know a heads up

    1. Yeah, I am going to add the terms that you and Suzi suggested. :)

  5. I've never heard someone say that another person is a "scarce", but I've heard "scale".

    1. Yeah, people used to call scammers "scarce", "scale" and other similar things before the word "scammer" was allowed into the allowed dictionary of Jamaa chat words.

  6. I made a dictionary on my blog as well XD I didn't copy from this blog though

  7. For trading, you can now trade up to twenty items not only four. Just telling you.

  8. Is it okay if I copy a few of these? My blog is based on the Definitions of words and animal jam as a whole, I'm currently working on a definition page and I would love to use some of these!


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