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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Happy Movement : Segment #9!

Hi jammers! Today's segment will inform you how to earn some of the Animal Jam achievements!

Color Me Rad!

This achievement is earned (usually during the welcome tutorial) when you first change your animal's colors, eye style and pattern.

Buddy Added!

This achievement is earned (usually in the beginning of the game) when you send your first buddy request.

 Critter Finder!

This achievement is earned when you first play Tierney's Touch Pool.

First Pet!

This achievement is earned when you buy your first pet.


This achievement is earned when you play Best Dressed 5 times.

1,000 Gems!

This achievement is earned when you reach 1,000 gems.


This achievement is earned when you play Best Dressed 10 times. 

Pen Pal!

This achievement is earned when you send your first Jam-a-Gram.


This achievement is earned when you play Best Dressed 25 times.

5,000 Gems Spent!

This achievement is earned when you spend 5,000 gems in stores.

These were only a few of the achievements! Check back for future segments carrying the rest of the achievements! I may make a page containing all of these- what do you think? Thanks to arcticpenguin661 for suggesting this awesome idea! :D


Note- all graphics of achievement badges, medals and ribbons were made by awesomepanda868, and when in use, credit must be given.

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