Blogger Tricks Animal Jam Graphic Central!: Heart Boots + Blogger World Tour!!!

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Heart Boots + Blogger World Tour!!!

Hi jammers! ^.^ The new item are the heart boots, for sale in the Shiveer Shoppe!

Aww, these are so cute! ^.^ They sort of remind me of the cozy shoes! 

I got my drawing tablet yesterday- and I have to say, it is pretty hard to get used to. :P Oh well. Perhaps I will get better at it someday. XD

Okay- sorry for the short daily updates and such, but I have a surprise for you all! ^.^ I am proud to announce... AJGC's first annual Blogger World Tour!

Hehe... you like my glitzy poster? To learn about this event, read the following info:

What is the event?

The Blogger World Tour is an event where 7 blogs get featured on this World Tour! For one week, each blog will make a post about the chosen topic for this year's World Tour. 

What is the theme?

The theme for this year's posts is... blogging tips and tricks!

How can my blog to be featured on the World Tour?

By commenting your blog's URL or name, you are entered in the event! You can also email it to me if you like. If more than 7 jammers enter their blog, then the 7 blogs to be featured will be chosen randomly. 

What will the posts look like?

On each blog, the owner or author will post a segment for the World Tour. This year, their post might look like this: Hi jammers! Welcome to the 3rd stop of the Blogger World Tour! Today, this post will tell you how to keep your blog neat and clean! Each stop will receive a custom header picture to place at the top of their World Tour post.

When will the World Tour start?

It depends on when we get at least 7 blogs to enter. It will start on the first Sunday after we have 7 blogs entered. 

I still have questions- where can I go?

If you still have questions about the World Tour, simply comment or email me your question!

I hope that will be exciting for everyone! On each post on the AJGC during the World Tour, at the top, I will make a link leading to that day's blog post.

Okay jammers- expect a Happy Movement segment later! :D


  1. Sounds fun! I would love to participate, but I'm quite busy during the week.

    What if on one day, I post 7 Blogger tips, rather than once per day of the week?

    1. You would only have to post one blogger tip (minimum) on one day! :D I hope you can participate in it! :) :crosses paws:

  2. Hey panda!
    So i want to be in this. But one question. Do you have to post the tip on a certain time? Like you could say to so and so you post your tip at 1 and sally sue you post at 5? or can you post when ever that day? you know my blog but again it's thanks panda!

    1. One person posts one tip per day at any time they want (in that day). You are entered. :)


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