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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Updates + New Paint Studio Items + Clover Balloon + New Adventure + Lucky Armor + So Much More!

Hey jammers! ^.^ Yet another snow day today... thankfully I can post these updates early. And boy, oh boy, there are a lot.

The new Jamaa Journal came out! ^.^

Awesome! A new adventure! ^.^ Look later in the post for a few pictures of the new adventure, as well as some of the prizes you have a chance to win! 

The Paint Studio items came out! Look later in the post to find out what new items there are!

That is so cool, I had no idea that March 14th this year would be the first digits of Pi! I can't wait to see these awesome items that will be on sale for two days only!

The Animal Jam retail gift cards are on sale at some Target stores in the U.S.! Make sure to snag one if you would like a membership!

Lions will be returning soon! Yay! I joined Animal Jam as a member right after the lions left, and I have been wanting one ever since...

Here are the new paint studio themed items! They are perfect for your animal to create some beautiful artwork!

These new items are so cute! ^.^ I especially like the adorable paw prints! 

Another new item is the clover balloon in Jam Mart Clothing!

Cute item! ^.^ And the price is amazing! :D

In the Diamond Shop, there is brand new lucky armor and the seal claw! 

Now, onto the new adventure! It is a lot like the previous 3 seasonal adventures, where you had to find a large amount of a type of object (in this case it is clovers) to get some awesome seasonal treasures!

You can access this new adventure from the Parties menu. It will be in place of Special Delivery.

When you first join the adventure, a koala named Patrick will greet you!

After you are finished talking to Patrick, his speech bubble will disappear and you will see this beautiful clover-filled land! Start roaming around and try to find clover keys. They are scattered around on the clover patches, so keep an eye out! When you find a key, look for a treasure chest and unlock it! You will either receive 2 Happy-Go-Lucky prizes (one member, one non-member) or gems (an amount ranging from around 25-100).

Here are some pictures of the new adventure!

And here are some prizes that you can win!

And the prizes from the epic key:

They all go so well together, so you can make an amazing den out of the prizes!

Like the previous adventures, the map is shaped like a seasonal symbol, in this case, a clover! ^.^

On the DE, they posted something about this new adventure! Take a look:

Hmm... what do you think they mean by "spiky treasures"? Do they mean spiked collars? If anyone figures out what they mean by "rare treasures" and "spiky treasures", please let me know! ^.^ I think that by completing the adventure you get 2 rares, but I am not totally sure.

Yikes, and after all that, we still have to cover the Think About it Thursday... XD

Okay, here are some questions...

What do you think AJHQ means by "spiky treasures"?

What do you think about the new adventure?

What types of items do you think will be released on Saturday and Sunday for the Super Pi Day?

Make sure to answer those questions in a comment down below! ^.^

Also, Jamaa Township is now spring-themed!

Ciao for now jammers! If you have a full collection of prizes, make sure to send them in to us!



  1. They mean rare spiked collars and wrist bands. See here:

    I bet all the people in Aldan and other people with spiked are raging at AJHQ :l

  2. Hey Awesomepanda.. It's d66864 here again. I was wondering if u would like to play and help each other? I want to get the pillow, screen, and fireplace. I also want to get the EPIC KEY.... (insert picture of EPIC KEY walking away from an EPIC EXPLOSION) -d66864 on AJ (walks away from explosion)

    1. Sure! Stop by the adventure party later! (actually it is right now! XD)

    2. y u gotta be so awesome??????????? playing dat clarinet. O3O


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