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Friday, March 6, 2015

Bracelet + DE Post + Friday Randomness!

Hi jammers! ^.^ There was an early dismissal at my school today, so that's why I am posting so early today. :P Happy Friday, everyone! :D

The new item is the clover bracelet in Jam Mart Clothing!

Love how it is a pretty neat (and inexpensive) item and for all jammers. :) 

The DE posted a new poll for you guys to answer! Which alpha are you most like, or which one can you relate to the most? Click the header image below to vote on this poll!

I like Liza the best, but I think I am most like Peck or Greely. Haha, yes, I am such villain, just like Greely. :P Just kidding (or am I? :wiggle eyebrows:) but I am very quiet like Greely, and often misunderstood. :emotional moment:

For the Friday Randomness...

I will be hosting an adventure party later tonight (or at least tonight in my time :P). You know how the new Lucky Clovers adventure has all of those gates where you need 4 jammers to dance on? Eagles and owls can fly up to the platforms and get the loot easy-peasy, but land animals have to get 4 jammers to dance on the little clovers to get the gem bags and clover key. >.< More than once I have been playing the adventure as a land animal and not been able to get at those special prizes because the people playing the adventure with me wouldn't dance and help. So I was thinking that anyone who wanted to join in on this little adventure party could meet at my den at around 5:00 PM AJGC time today so we could play the adventure and access the prizes together! ^.^ If you would like to join (it is not mandatory, simply come if you want to) then just meet us all there at 5:00 PM AJGC time! I ask that you don't bring a flying animal, just to keep everything fair. I can't wait- this is sure to be a blast!

Oh, and here is another graphic I made of that cute little bunny on that winter loading screen. ^.^ It is transparent, and you can use it for your blog or posters/signatures without credit. :)

by awesomepanda868 (no credit needed)

Well jammers, if you have any questions about today's event or would just like to comment on this post, make sure to leave your thoughts and questions below! ^.^ 


1 comment:

  1. I'd say I'm most like Tavie. :3

    Hmm, I'll try to remember. (But I'll probably forget. :c)


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