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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Underwater Clover Items + Tuesday Tips!

Hi jammers! ^.^ It is predicted that there will be a lot of snow in my area this week, so possible delay tomorrow and probably a snow day on Thursday. :P That means early posting tomorrow (if I can get out of bed XD).

The new item is the clover cape! There is also the clover necklace for sale in the same place, but I forgot to mention it when it first came out, so I am adding it to today's post. :P They are both for sale in Bahari Bargains!

I like both of these items, and the prices are pretty reasonable! The green pearls on the clover necklace are so pretty and shiny! ^.^

Oh! I nearly forgot. :P I am preparing a special surprise for all of you! :wiggles eyebrows mysteriously: I have been making it for around a week now, but I haven't had too much time to work on, with the blog, new pages, homework and studying and all. >.< But I have a goal to finish it by Monday of next week. Perhaps earlier than that. ^.^ Hint: It has to do with graphics. ;D

For today's Tuesday Tips, (since I have absolutely nothing to post about XD) I will be posting some tips on starting a clan, fashion show or party. :) I personally don't like clans very much, but lots of jammers host them, so I figured I would post a little guide on how to start one. ^.^

How to Start a Clan (in your own den)

Think of a name for your clan first. It can be an original one thought up by you, or one from the actual book (Warriors by Erin Hunter). Some clans from the book that you can use are: Shadow Clan, River Clan, Wind Clan and Thunder Clan. 

Then, go to your den and pick a den to host your clan in. I suggest the small house den, Cosmo's Den or the Sky Kingdom den for clans, just because they are a bit more nature-y. It is easier to keep track of all of your clan members in a smaller den like the small house. But in the Sky Kingdom and Cosmo's Den, there is more space for your clan to spread out and to have a more realistic feel. The den you pick also depends on the name and type of clan you are hosting.

After you have your den picked out, you can begun decorating! ^.^ There are many types of items you can place in your den, but I suggest using nature-based and wood items like plants, fences, grass and trees. Try making the decor of your clan based off of the name of your clan. If your clan's name is Fire Clan, you can use red, orange and yellow items for your clan, as well as some carnations and red flowers scattered about. 

When you are satisfied with your clan, go to a place like Jamaa Township and advertise your clan! 

You can begin your clan after you have some people there. Of course, you may make your clan realistic, but please, please refrain from having too much violence, or weirdness like some of the pictures below. :P

You get the point. :P

How to Start a Fashion Show

Create a den for your fashion show, preferably one without too much going on so that your participants can focus on the show and not the objects in your den. A den like the small house is good, so you don't have to go and track everyone down when you begin (unlike a den like the Sky Kingdom or Crystal Palace). 

Once you have your den selected and decorated, go to Jamaa Township and advertise your fashion show. You can also send your buddies Jam-a-Grams and invite them to come participate! ^.^ Note: Having a prize often gets more people to come. The prize doesn't have to be amazing, just a small rare, adventure prize or even a more expensive Epic Wonders item will do just fine. :)

When you have a good amount of people, return to your den and round everyone up. After they are all in one spot, announce the first theme. I suggest telling them something like: "Dance when done!" or, "Say DONE when you are finished!" so you know when everybody is done with their costumes.

You can have multiple ways of scoring/deciding who wins. You can eliminate people (one person per round) or give the winner of each round a certain amount of points (whoever gets the most points at the end wins).

How to Start a Party

Select and decorate a den for your party. Be creative! Add food, games, soft couches and chairs, pets, plushies, plants and more to make your party as fun and unique as possible! ^.^ 

Then, go to Jamaa Township and advertise your party. Add as much about your party as you can in your speech bubble! Say what type of party it is (dance, hanging out, trading, game etc.) and what there is at the party (claw, plushie pit, buffet, lounge etc.)! Invite your buddies and be friendly to all who come to your party. Let jammers of all types come- nonmembers and members, as well as every type of animal!

Go back to your den whenever you have the amount of people that you want, and interact with your guests! Pretend to serve them drinks if you want, chat with them, play around, trade- whatever!

I hope that the random tips above were (somewhat :P) helpful... XD

Better get started on my homework... bye for now!



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