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Friday, March 20, 2015

Musketeer Boots + Friday Mystery + Credit/No Credit Issue!

Hey jammers! My school had an early dismissal, which is why those of you reading this have the unfortunate experience of having to read my awful posts EARLIER THAN USUAL. Wow. Poor you... D:

Anyways, the new item is the musketeer boots!

Yay! I made a gif! XD This item is really cute, I just wish that the whole musketeer set was for all jammers. ^.^

For the Friday Mystery Day, I will be following the schedule of... Tuesday Tips!

So, for the Tuesday Tips, I will be sharing some ways on sending an entry to a blog owner for any picture-related contest. Jamaasian Snaps (the AJGC's version of Jammer Snaps), Fashion Contests, Den Design Contests etc. are all examples of contests requiring you to send a picture in to the owner. But if you don't have an email, how can you do this?


Dropbox is a free, file storage website that stores all of your files for you and lets you link to them. If you have a Dropbox account, you can just copy the link to the file/image and paste it in a comment.


Photobucket is a free, picture storage website that stores all of your images for you and lets you link to them. If you have a Photobucket account, you can just copy the link to the file/image and paste it in a comment.


Sometimes, the owner of the blog is willing to meet you on Animal Jam and take the picture for you. For example, if you wanted to enter a fashion contest, the owner might be able to meet you on Animal Jam and take a snapshot of your animal wearing your costume.

That's all for today's Tuesday Tips. :P

Moving on... there is a little issue I would like to address. Remember sometime back in... when was it? January, I think. :P Anyways, sometime back in January (I think) I posted about a little "graphic issue". I had begun to see my graphics being used without credit. 

Let's back up a moment. What is credit? No, it's not putting the name of the person in giant, neon, flashing lights, but it requires that you give a mention back to the creator of the image or text. Without giving clear and direct credit, you are technically plagiarizing, which is a flat-out crime. 

Back to the whole graphic issue. Since I spend a lot of time making a lot of my graphics, (this involves countless minutes of hand-cropping and very painful hand cramps >.<) I require credit for most of them. Of course, sometimes (like the Wednesday Freebie) I let you guys use some of my graphics without credit. And you can use those without a mention to me, and it isn't plagiarizing. But if you use graphics that I made without credit, and that I require credit for, a problem comes up. So back in January, I posted about it, and it stopped. 

Temporarily. Now, I've begun to see it again. 

I understand that sometimes you see images on Google Images that you think you can use for free. And I also understand that you don't always click on the Visit Page button to make sure that you can use that image for free. I want to get those of you who are taking my graphics from Google Images without credit into the habit of clicking the Visit Page button first if you are browsing Google Images. But if you are simply viewing this blog and ignoring the fact that I require credit on my graphics, that really bothers me. 

A little graphic requiring credit that I make might not really matter to you. But later in life, stealing other people's content without permission and proper credit could cause a lawsuit and a plagiarism fine that could be up to $10,000. As much as people using my graphics without credit bothers me, I am concerned that those people might get into really sticky situations later on. My message to them? 


I appreciate that most of you do give credit. Thank you. And I am sorry if I sounded too harsh. 

Have an amazing Friday, jammers! Don't forget to smile and laugh today! :D


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