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Monday, March 16, 2015

RIM + Play Wild Website + Monday Animal Facts!

Hi jammers! Panda here! Ugh... I hate Mondays... but that does mean that there is a RIM in stores today!!

The RIM is the rare leprechaun top hat in Jam Mart Clothing...

Wow, AJHQ. I would like to know what thoughts went behind this "creative" new item.

It is 11:58 at AJHQ on Sunday night.

AJHQ Worker: Ugh, we haven't even made the new RIM for tomorrow!

Other AJHQ Worker: How about we just slap a "Rare" sign on one of the existing Lucky Day items?


The two workers stick a "Rare" sign on the leprechaun hat.

Other AJHQ Worker: Wow. The jammers will be SO amazed at our fantastic work and imagination!

Both workers high-five.

Yeah. That's my lame role-playing/parody for you. :P I don't want to be too hard on AJHQ though, since they spend hours working on awesome new updates for Jamaa, and maybe they were just too busy working on something else (maybe a new pet coming in this week's update?) to really pay attention to the RIM today. 


THE PI DAY ITEMS ARE GONE!!!!! :world explodes and everything ends: Yup. But seriously, those Pi Day items were so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. 

Did you know that Play Wild has created a website? It is completely adorable. :hugs website: XD 

There is even this awesome Play Wild Beta background!

So cute! I have to make graphics out of that background image... :eye twitches: Especially that adorable little white bunny at the back... :has spaz attack:

Okie. If you would like to view this website by yourself, click here!

For today's Monday Animal Facts, I will be focusing on one animal. I think I will do animal spotlights like this one instead of multiple animal facts, because it is way easier. :P

The spotlight is... PENGUINS!! 
  • Penguins are excellent swimmers. They can swim 15-20 miles per hour. They can keep their breath for 20 minutes and can dive deeper than any other bird.
  • Natural predators of penguins are orcas, seals, sharks, snakes etc.
  • Emperor and king penguins don't form nests for their eggs. The female lays one egg and the father takes care of it until it hatches. Then, the father will cover the egg with a flap of skin called a brood pouch. The egg must be kept warm from 8-10 weeks. During that time, the father doesn't eat. He can lose up to half of his body mass before the chick is hatched.
  • Out of 18 known penguin species, 5 species are endangered.
  • Penguins live between 15 and 20 years, depending on the species.
PENGUIN POWER!!! :D And here are some cute pictures of penguins:

Okay, I better get started on that disastrous, threatening, horrible, icky, awful, disgusting, useless, dreadful, terrible, horrific, ghastly, gruesome, vile, horrendous thing we call homework. :P Wow, I just listed a ton of synonyms for horrible and disgusting. XD 




  1. That's exactly how I feel about the RIM too! >_<

    1. I know... it doesn't seem like a lot of effort went into today's RIM...


    1. Yeah, those penguins ARE cute. XD PENGUINS!!!

  3. I saw a video. It's funny about penguins. The penguins were chasing a butterfly, they all fell. -d66864 on AJ


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