Blogger Tricks Animal Jam Graphic Central!: Koi Pond + Wednesday Freebie + Shark Hat!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Koi Pond + Wednesday Freebie + Shark Hat!

Hey jammers! Just like to thank arcticpenguinii for posting the Monday Animal Facts earlier this week, I never got around to thanking him yesterday. Thank you Arctic! :D

The new item is the koi pond in Jam Mart Furniture:

Huh, seems like all the items that left stores are now coming back. :sighs: I wish that AJHQ was more original... we haven't had a non-recolored RIM in weeks, nor a very interesting new item...

Anyways, the Wednesday Freebie is: a commission coupon, free "Animal Jam Rocks!" coded HTML banner, and a messy graphic that I randomly made! XD Here is the coupon:

So if you use the code: waffles in your next Commission Pack order, it will bring down the level of rarity by one level. For example, a medium rare to a small rare or a large rare to a medium rare.\

And here is the HTML Animal Jam banner!

Animal Jam!

If you copy the code in the little box into an HTML/Javascript gadget on your blog, you get this cool, rainbow gradient banner automatically linked to Animal Jam! It should fit perfectly in any sidebar that is 300 pixels (or less) in width. Hurr, hurr, like you'd ever even want an awful banner that I made on your website. XD

To top off today's freebies, here is a quick and messy graphic that I made of the beta art easel:

by awesomepanda868 (no credit needed)

Yeah, you can use that if you like. :P

As pointed out by nafaria9 and the Animal Jam Spirit, a mysterious and unreleased shark hat has been spotted on a jammer's lion. The jammer is called jammerjamis, and is thought to be one of AJHQ's test accounts or something. Here is jammerjamis's lion:

What do you think about this jammer? Hacker, or one of AJHQ's test accounts?

Unfortunately, I have to study for my science test now, but I hope that today's longer post was better. ^.^



  1. Hmm, I don't know if he's a hacker or a test account, it's a hard thought. But, I don't think a hacker could find unreleased items in AJ's stuff, whatever it's called. I think it's a test account, though I would really like that item! Hopefully they'd bring shark fins back with the item if they released it! Anyway, cute rainbow banner! Very cute! But I also agree they need to make more fabulous items and better RIMS. This is d66864 signing off! -d66864 on AJ, P.S, how do you like my cute little blogger report? LOL.

    1. P.S again, my report is my comment. -d66864 on AJ, and I hope you ace that test! *goes to her school and cheers for her all the time she's taking a test* WOOOOOOOOOO

    2. Epic dens? :'( -d66864 on AJ, still waiting...

    3. Wow, you commented a lot! O,o Lemme reply to them all:

      1st Comment:
      Yeah, I agree with you completely.

      2nd Comment:
      Haha, thanks! I made 96 flashcards (hurr, hurr, took me 3 hours to make, 1 hour to take notes on, and 2 hours to study XD) and studied like crazy today, so I think this test will go pretty well. Haha, first time that I have ever studied for a science test this entire year so far... XD

      3rd Comment:
      I'm so sorry... I have just had so much schoolwork this week that I haven't been able to get around to it. If I can get through one more round of studying tonight, I will make it, but probably by this weekend. I am so, so, so sorry. >.<


    4. Woah! Looks like we're both living a school life! I might be out in six days, pictures with the Easter Bunny is coming up. We get out next Thursday. I never had to make flashcards yet. I always get at least 90 to 100% on tests. Sometimes a B. What grade are you in. Im in 3rd. We are doing completely new end of the year tests. I hope I pass to the 4th grade! -d66864 on AJ

    5. Cool! That is so awesome that you get 90's and 100's on tests! I used to be just like you, but in sixth grade (grade I am in) it is a lot harder to pull that off. >.< Now I get 80's, 90's and occasionally 100's. XD

    6. That's cool! Good thing I don't have to be in the sixth grade (yet). -d66864 on AJ


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