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Friday, March 6, 2015

Animal Jam Official Insiders Guide!

Hi jammers! ^.^ Thanks to an amazing and super helpful submission by Suzi00, I am able to show you guys come pictures of the Animal Jam Official Insiders Guide! For some reason when I downloaded the pictures, it weirdly cropped out the edges, so some of the info got cut off. D: I may make a page about this though, and I will try to get the pictures downloaded better next time. 


Hmm... I may have to go on a graphic-making spree now... all those cute pictures in the Insiders Guide are just longing to be made into graphics... :eye twitches: XD

Thanks so much, Suzi! :D



  1. How to resist making the graphics...

  2. If you want any more pictures, zoomed-up, better quality pics for graphics or if you would like me to write down the descriptions such as the making of Jamaa, then I would be happy to do so.

    1. Thank you so much Suzi! ^.^ Could you write down the Building Jamaa description if it wouldn't be too difficult?

  3. The sunny shores of Crystal Sands, the dark Sarepia Forest, the towering heights of Mt. Shiveer. These worlds didn't exist until the Smart Bomb (*Wildworks*) team created them. Now all jammers can splash in the waves of Crystal Sands, climb the tallest trees in Sarepia Forest and trek up snowy Mt. Shiveer. How are worlds created? Environment designers draw their inspiration from real life biomes around the world. A few sketches kick-start the brainstorming and once an idea is fully formed, it's full steam ahead! Yet even when the finished world makes it's debut in Jamaa, it's still not quite done. You, the players, bring it to life by exploring and playing wild in it!

    Is that okay? The right description? That is the basic one.

  4. I have the book! It's AMAZING. I like the quizzes and info. I can use it for roleplaying, just about anything! -d66864 on AJ


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