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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Random Thing I Just Realized

While I was making the info page about Mt. Shiveer, I realized something.

You know this page that was in one of the previous Jamaa Journals? And that weird graphic of the arctic wolf and penguin that looked like they were kissing?

I circled the graphic in red. 

Now look at this Mt. Shiveer background. See the penguin and arctic wolf in the same position on the right side? Aren't they the same animals and pose?

Cool, eh?



  1. NO! That's not "cool"! It's messed up and scary! :O

    Like come on now. AJHQ proudly showcasing an arctic wolf being forcefully kissed by a penguin that looks very perverted seems very scary to me, It's like AJHQ is ENCOURAGING kids to date and kiss on AJ (eww no). You made me realize how fridgen SCARY that arctic wolf background really is! O-O

    Sorry for corrupting anyone's minds. ;;

    1. Wait. Maybe the pink and blue penguins are evil twin brothers! I feel sorry for that arctic wolf. O.o

    2. So true! Animal jam is encouraging kids to date and kiss. It's so rude.

    3. It is rude to encorage kids to date and kiss in animal jam sometimes I do see jammers do that

  2. It doesn't look that much like kissing to me, it's cute though <3

    Btw, I also spotted that same pair twice in the pictures in the Animal Jam Official Insiders Guide!

    1. Cool! Perhaps you could send in some pictures of the Animal Jam Insiders Guide? I would love to see what the pages looked like. :)

  3. so...........arctic wolfs and penguins are..........

  4. i love animal jam but i cant believe that they would encourage kids to kiss and date.

    P.S. I have saw that picture of the penguin and arctic wolfs kissing loads


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