Blogger Tricks Animal Jam Graphic Central!: Clover Tubes + Wednesday Freebie + More!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Clover Tubes + Wednesday Freebie + More!

Hi jammers! ^.^ I have a snow day today, so I can post earlier. :)

The new item is the clover tubes in Sunken Treasures! ^.^

I'm too lazy to write any feedback about this item, besides that it is amazing that AJHQ actually made the item for non-members. XD

Ugh, I may need to switch the posting schedule around a bit. XP I have no more ideas for the Wednesday Freebies, nor the Tuesday Tips... do you guys have any ideas? Please leave them below. ^.^ Well, since today is Wednesday, I guess I will have to post some sort of freebie for you guys...

I give you the link to 33 posts containing graphics you can use for free. ^.^ Here it is... click here.

Thank you to everyone who voted me 'Best Graphic Designer' on nafaria9's Animal Jam Awards! I really appreciate it! ^.^ :group hug: If you haven't already submitted a list of jammers for this awesome awards that the genius (nafaria9 :P) thought up, click the banner below!

And... what was I going to say... oh right! Is anyone else here sick of hearing the word 'spike' about 10 times every 10 seconds in Jamaa Township? >.< I know I am... Spikes aren't actually very rare. They were just a monthly member gift like a bunch of other items, and some items like turquoise lava glove are actually rarer than a rare spike. And the whole rumor that black longs are the rarest of spikes is completely false. ^.^ I only have a spike or two because I like how they match with my animal's outfits, but I would never do some of the overtrades that jammers do for spike collars and wristbands. XP


I got to go eat breakfast now, but I will make sure to post later or at least update a few pages. ^.^



  1. Awwwwww :3, thanks Panda!

    Do you have to make up snow days in the summer? Just wondering xD

    1. No problem! ^.^ You really are a genius though. XD

      Yeah, we either get days taken off of our school breaks or days added onto the end of the year. XP



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