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Monday, March 30, 2015

RIM + Leaving Soon Items + Strange Image + Monday Facts + Favorite Item Rundown!

Hey jammers! I had today and tomorrow taken away from my precious break, so that's why today's post is so late. >.<

Anyways, the RIM is the rare horn helmet in Jam Mart Clothing! I don't remember what page it was on, but it's on the same page as the high top sneakers and the fez hat.

Still a recolored item, but the colors on this RIM are a lot more "original" than the normal horn helmet. I especially like how there are those blue stripes at the top of the yellow horns, which adds more character and uniqueness to the item. ^.^

Sadly, a lot of the Lucky Day items are leaving soon! D: Make sure to snag yours before they leave the stores until next year!

I wonder why some of the items are leaving at different times than others. :T 

On the Animal Jam Spirit, Hungergamesrock19375 posted a strange picture sent in by Shinymewgal! Take a look:

Hmm... what do you think this is? That bunny on the far right looks like the strange flowered bunny from the animal-buying glitch a few days ago. Maybe this is a new spring/Easter adventure? New mobile app? New toy set? New set of animals or patterns? The Series 1 label underneath the Animal Jam logo confuses me. Will there be multiple series of these neat patterned animals for each holiday from now on?

Moving on... for today's Monday Animal Facts, here is a feature on... polar bears!
  • Polar bears can be found in Canada, the United States (in Alaska), Greenland, Russia and Norway (in the Svalbard archipelago).
  • One myth about polar bears is that they are all left pawed. This means that they are like "lefties". There is no evidence to support this myth, and scientists observing polars bears report that polar bears seem to use there right and left paws equally, without a preference.
  • According to scientist Alison Ames, polar bears may be as smart as some apes.
  • A polar bear's sense of smell is very good.

Aww, polar bears are so adorable! 

Yes, Fuzzy, they do. :P

I am going to post a new graphic later (right after I finish this post, actually) but before I leave, I wanted to post a list of my top favorite items in Jam Mart Clothing at the moment! These are not in a specific order, I like them all pretty equally. ^.^

Flower Crown

I like this item a lot, because it is so spring-like, and goes well with so many outfits!

High Top Sneakers

These sneakers also go well with many outfits, and the colors that they come in are so fun and bright!

Ladybug Hat

This item is so adorable, and the colors that it comes in are amazing!

Sparkly Head Bow

This item comes in tons of colors to match your animal's outfit, and it looks absolutely precious on bunnies and otters!


I love the colors that this item comes in, and it also goes will with many outfits!

Deer Fur

This item looks fantastic as a scarf on practically every animal, and I love how bushy and fluffy it is, because it keeps your animal nice and cozy in the freezing winter months, or when trekking around Mt. Shiveer!

Deer Antlers

This fun-colored item is a great head piece, and I love the proportions of it and how it looks great on every animal!

I wish that AJHQ would make all of those items for non-members... D:

Okay jammers, I am going to go make the graphic now. ^.^ Ciao!


Haha, you like my new glittery siggy? :P Just figured out how to make them on Photoshop yesterday! XD You can order one of your own (with any colored glitter that you like) and I will make one for you!


  1. Cool RIM! Glad it's not recolored like that lucky hat. It has a more colored look instead of a tiny detail changed like the lucky hat. For the weird animal picture, I think Animal Jam is releasing toy sets. If they did, look who'd collect them! *Points at self* -d66864 on AJ

    1. Plus, have you ever put the antlers on a bunny to make it a jackalope? -d66864 on AJ


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