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Monday, March 9, 2015

RIM + Painted Star + Monday Animal Facts!

Hi jammers! I'm so happy because my drawing tablet finally came. :P School today was okay, but Mondays are always hard. :T I have a huge science Powerpoint presentation that I have to work on (yikes, presenting it to the whole class for 10 minutes next week...) and I have been spending way too much time blogging recently. >.<

The RIM today is the rare head flower in Jam Mart Clothing! ^.^

This is such a cute item--both spring-themed and Happy-Go-Lucky themed! :D And it is NM!

Here is the adorable picture they posted of it on the DE: (modeled by an even more adorable pink owl!)

:eye twitches: SUCH A PERFECT PICTURE FOR A GRAPHIC... :goes crazy: Oh wait. I am already crazy. :P I can't get any more crazy than I already am.

And there is a new item called the painted star in Jam Mart Furniture! 

Such a cute item to add to the amazing and fun Paint Studio collection!

For today's Monday Animal Facts, here are some cool facts!
  • Lions are the national animal of Albania, Belgium, Bulgaria, England, Ethiopia, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Singapore.
  • You may have seen baby gorillas being carried on the back of their mothers, but for the first few months after birth the mother holds the baby gorilla to her chest.
  • Dolphins often display a playful attitude which makes them popular in human culture. They can be seen jumping out of the water, riding waves, play fighting and occasionally interacting with humans swimming in the water.
Sorry that I didn't include that many facts... better get started on setting my drawing tablet up, and that annoying science presentation... ugh. XD



  1. Panda for the jamassian snaps how do I submit them if I don't have a Google account?

    1. Hmm... if you like I can meet you on AJ sometime and I can take the picture for you.


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