Blogger Tricks Animal Jam Graphic Central!: Clover Top Hat + Paint Rainbow + More Videos, Graphics, Coupons, Pages etc. Coming Soon + Sunday Randomness!

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Clover Top Hat + Paint Rainbow + More Videos, Graphics, Coupons, Pages etc. Coming Soon + Sunday Randomness!

Hi jammers! ^.^ Daylight Savings Time started today where I am, and I haven't really gotten used to it yet. >.<

Anyways, the new clothing item today is the clover top hat in Jam Mart Clothing!

For some reason this item looks more like an item released during the beta stages. Y'know how in the beta days, everything was a bit smaller and the lines weren't as sharp? Enough of my weird ramblings. :P This item is pretty cute, but would be even better if it were for all jammers! ^.^

The new den item is the painted rainbow in Jam Mart Furniture!

I like this item a LOT. It is so colorful and rainbow-ish. :P 

On the poll asking 'What Should I Add to the Blog?', here are the results so far:

(blog poll)
(Google+ poll)
Okay, so I guess I will have to make more commission coupons. :P And pages. And videos. And graphics. XD

For today's Sunday Randomness, I will be explaining Graham's Imagination Fair held on the DE! Here is the post:

Awesome! Graham, the monkey alpha is hosting an Imagination Fair! Just submit a drawing of your S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics) invention through the Art Studio or Jammer Central! Make sure to title your entry 'Imagination Fair' though. Entries are due by April 22, 2015. Oh, and a winner will be chosen from each category, and each winner will receive 5 diamonds!

The News Crew ends today, so be sure to write a quick paragraph or two in Jammer Central explaining what your favorite den is and why!

Ciao for now jammers, and stay tuned for the Featured Graphics post later! ^.^



  1. Does anyone comment on ur blogs? :3 cause the don't on mi e X3 XD idk

    1. Yeah, people comment on my blog sometimes, but this isn't that popular. XD

  2. Oh & I wanted to ask a question.You know in the bottom of us blog,how do you have the aj request art things?! If you don't under stand let me make it clearer like the thing that says Submit your work and stuff I wanted to know how to do that?! Cause I'm a noob XD

    1. Oh, that is pretty easy. ^.^ Here is a little step-by-step tutorial for you that I randomly whipped up:

      1. Go to a page on AJHQ's help forum by clicking here.
      2. See that blue button that says 'Submit Your Work' identical to the one on this blog's footer? Right click on that.
      3. Save the image to your downloads or desktop or something (or you can drag the image to your desktop) and then go to your blog.
      4. On your blog, click the 'Add a Gadget' button in Layout, and find the 'Image' option.
      5. When you are in the 'Image' option, click the 'Upload' button and find the image in your computer. Upload it, and you can link it to whatever page you want. If you would like to link it to an email address, write 'mailto:' and then your email address.

      I hope this was helpful! :D If you have any more questions, feel free to ask them! ^.^

    2. Oh,Well the so much :D ur awesome and deserve more followers :3

    3. Thank you! ^.^ And no problem!


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