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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Daffodil + New Month!

Hi jammers! Happy first day of March! ^.^ Today was my mom's birthday, so that is why I couldn't post earlier (we were at a restaurant eating brunch). Should I change the template for March? Perhaps I will put up a poll...

Anyways, the new items are the daffodil bouquet and single daffodil in Treetop Gardens!

These flowers that AJHQ has been selling recently are very expensive, but so pretty! ^.^ Remember the carnations, then the primroses and now these? I wonder which flower will be next...

Another new item is the aquamarine birthstone in Epic Wonders in honor of the new month!

I always love everything about these birthstones (besides the price :P) because they are so sparkly! 

My coding class has been super fun, and now I can create a webpage using HTML and Javascript coding! I will try to make an HTML gadget or CSS hack soon for you guys to use. :)

There is a new diamond challenge on The Daily Explorer! Click the image below to check out Tavie's new diamond challenge!

I saw a mean wolf in Sarepia Forest earlier, and I just thought I would clear up this misconception that is often made. 

Not all members are mean. Yes, sometimes a few members can be mean or rude to non-members, but often there are two stereotypes of jammer that too many people tend to believe are true:

Member: Mean to non-members and selfish.

Non-Member: Lame and not as good as members.

These are NOT true at all! Which is why what this non-member wolf was saying was absolutely outrageous...

>.< This kind of talk just drives me crazy. Why can't we all treat each other like we are equal??!

Enough of my random ranting. :P Make sure to send in your graphics soon so I can feature them in today's Featured Graphics post! 

The Seasonal Tree changed! Look how pretty and colorful it is now!

Ciao for now jammers!



  1. FIRST! You don't need to change the blog's template. If I'm right, that means the backround and header. right? I like the jungle seen Panda. I don't know you THAT well but I think it matches your personality, your Style. Members aren't rude and nms aren't lame. Idk why they say so --d66864 on AJ

    1. I mean scene. --d66864 on AJ, fixing her own typo.

  2. I think you should change it because I don't like the color green -_-


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