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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Updates + Musketeer Hat + Best Guess Party Tour + Think About it Thursday!

Hi jammers! There is a lot to cover today, so let's get right to it! ^.^

Yay! I can finally buy one of these adorable lions! :D

Cool! Hopefully this will bring the percentage of jammers scammed down by a lot!

Neat new party! :) (look later in the post for a tour)

The limited clover armor set is for sale in the Diamond Shop, and the lion mini book is in the Chamber of Knowledge! NOTE: In order to access the new lion mini book, click on the panda mini book and then select the lion mini book from the shelf.

Yay! One of my favorite parties is coming back! :D And make sure to head over to the Conservation Museum to learn about African animals!

Wow! That was a pretty neat Jamaa Journal, and there are so many images perfect for graphics! I will post a whole list of graphics from this Jamaa Journal (made by me of course) later today! ^.^

In Jam Mart Clothing, there is the musketeer hat for sale!

Neat item! I just wish it were for all jammers--imagine how awesome that would be!

I noticed that the text (the shop labels for the name and price of the item, the chat text etc.) have gotten a lot thicker. They seem to get thicker every other update. >.<

Now, for the tour of the new Best Guess Party

When you first join, the above message pops up.

A round will most likely be in progress when you join, so just wait for the round to finish.

When a question pops up at the top, run to either the green side with the check mark (if you think it is true) or the purple side with the "x" if you think it is false!

You have a certain amount of time, so you have to be quick!

For the Think About it Thursday, I will include a series of questions for you to answer. ^.^

1. Have you played the new game/gone to the new party? If so, did you enjoy it?

2. Have you tried out the new trading system? Do you think it will reduce scamming?

3. Do you have any thoughts on the new item today?

Ciao, jammers! I would like to get working on those Jamaa Journal graphics. ^.^


1 comment:

  1. Hi Panda! 1. I LOVED IT! I stayed so long I got tired. (yawn) 2. Yes, I just got a rare fox hat for my rare fox hat XD. I think it will reduce scamming because players will know what it is. 3. I'm like Meh. -d66864 on AJ


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