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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Animal Jam Fanfiction: Peck's Bell PART 2

AWESOMEPANDA868, PLEASE READ: Since you will be absent from the blog for awhile, perhaps I can do some regular posts? Maybe a few edit tutorials, updates, school tips, etc.

Some of you requested a part 2 to this little fanfiction, so here it is! By the way, I will be posting twice a week on the AJGC.
To read part 1, click here!
PLEASE READ: I am ALWAYS looking to improve my work. Please comment with your HONEST opinions. Perhaps you could rate it out of 10. Please don't say 10/10 just to make me feel good, only if you truly like it.

Peck had to finish what she started. This corrupted music could no longer live to reach the ears of other innocent jammers. The animals that were around the day the bell had let out the strange message of the Phantom King wore earmuffs all the time. Frail noises hurt  their ears, and Jamaa's best healers were at hard work to cure them.
The bunny Alpha now spent hours deciphering how the message had came through. She unclipped her bell from her lopsided ear and investigated it. She peered through the little holes in it. Nothing out of the ordinary was there. Finally, after what seemed like years of trying to figure out the terrifying mystery, Peck did what had to be done. She fetched one of the rocks she kept for making paint out of berries and different kinds of flowers and plants and threw it as hard as she could against the bell. It easily burst into pieces. Still nothing special.
As the day continued, Peck tried to brainstorm and come up with several solutions to decipher the strange code of the bell. Usually, to calm herself and her thoughts, the Alpha would take a peaceful walk in Sarepia Forest. She did that, but after hours of thinking and thinking and thinking, Peck slumped over at the log at the bottom of the forest. She clawed at the log in frustration before accidentally poking a hole in the top of the rotting wood. A blue and purple aura burst from the hole like how a young animal runs down the stairs of their dens on the first Jamaaliday morning.
The pieces of the bell were attracted to the colorful lights as if they were magnets and several strangely shaped holes appeared on the top of the log. So fast paced... thought Peck worriedly. She tried to stop it but the silver pieces floated away from her desperate grasp. The shattered bell bits slid into the holes in the log quickly before an image was projected into the deep foliage of a massive pine tree overlooking the scene.
It was clear to see; the Phantom King was outlined on the trunk of a tree. The same recording played that had happened when the music of the bell had first been corrupted before a new message arrived. Exactly like the first time, the oily voice was exactly like gasoline. Smooth and slick until it met fire, which were your ears in this case.
"If you are listening to this, congratulations, my Phantoms have failed to penetrate your weak little forces. But expect death soon." the Phantom King declared with a horrible laugh following it. "As I have mentioned before, I am such a nice Phantom. Your deaths will be quick and painless...unless my forces choose otherwise. Anyway, make the most of your final days, my little animals!" yelled the King madly before the sounds of the crackling recording ended. Peck hopped away, quickly as she could, breathing in and out hard and fast. I need to get to Liza's hut, the Alpha decided, cascading through the thick barrier of bamboo. She had already explained the whole situation by the time Liza had called the other Alphas for help. Greely already was estimating the time on how long it would take the Phantoms to reach them while Graham was making a sketch in the dirt with a stick that looked like some sort of Phantom-destroying contraption.
"Well I'd love to help, but I have tons of animals wearing three earmuffs at a time. That malicious King did it to them!" roared Cosmo before storming off, clutching a precious bundle of rare herbs. The koala was fuming, and was even slightly mad at Peck.
"The Phantoms will arrive in 30 minutes tops," exclaimed Greely, but even his efforts to sound surprised failed as his deep, dark voice took over. Graham explained the contraption but it would take too much time to fully construct by the time the Phantoms arrive.
Sorry for a rather boring part 2...I will make a final part, but I might do some regular fanfictions for now!


  1. Aah, this is so epic!!! :D I don't have time to read all of it right now, but I'll make sure to read it tomorrow afternoon! ^.^ Great job, as always!

    Also, to answer your question, you can definitely post any other posts you'd like: school posts, graphics posts, fanfictions, updates, edits, tutorials... anything you'd like! :)

    As for a rating of your work, I'd rate your stories a 10/10 (your writing is so good and engaging!), although it would be really epic and make your writing even better if you perhaps separated each of the paragraphs a bit more, or used images relating to the story to enhance it? It's awesome as it is, so I'd just like to make some suggestions. :D Again, GREAT JOB!!! :)


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