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Friday, June 10, 2016

Separation: The Diary of a Jammer During Dark Times

Even though Jamaa's beginning was tender and sweet, the individual species grew to distrust other species. They separated into villages; crocodiles only interacted with crocodiles, pandas only interacted with pandas. 
Key Words
Heartstone - A stone that contains all the magic of a species of animal; originally kept in a vault in the Lost Temple of Zios
(there are more details, but if I mention them it'll spoil the story!


February 3rd, 2003
(I know Animal Jam was created in 2010, but this is before Jamaa was at peace like it is today. There is a lot of lore behind it.)
Dear diary,
All the animals mistrust each other. My best friend, a wolf, is living in a village on the other side of Jamaa. It wasn't her choice to be separated from me. It wasn't my choice either. I'm forced to live with other bunnies, arrogant and much too proud of their own kind.
I miss Duke Speedycloud. I miss him so much. Why does he have to live with other wolves? Why are we separated?! Why did we take our Heartstone from the vault and keep it to ourselves? Why?! How did this happen?
So many questions, but no answers.
Signing off,

February 5th, 2003
Dear diary,
I haven't been writing lately because I've been too sad. Every little scribble reminds me of Duke. As the ink seeps into the pages, the sadness seeps into my soul.
Honestly, I'm fed up with all of this. My mother told me to go enjoy the beautiful day today. There's a blizzard outside, genius.
Even if it was a lovely day, I could never actually enjoy it. How could anyone enjoy anything nowadays? I still have so many questions. I want answers. I asked the bunny in charge, and his pathetic excuse was that 'the other animals were arrogant, impolite, and rude' and that 'it was their decision to be so horrible to us'.  Duke is nice. VERY nice. I HATE the bunny in charge. I hate EVERYTHING.
Signing off,
A fuming Juniper

February 6th, 2003
Dear diary,
I still hate everything. I refused to eat the stupid little generic carrot cake my mother threw onto my plate. Well, no, she didn't throw it onto my plate...I just HATE carrot cake. It makes me want to throw up. Sure, I would gobble it down as a tiny little youngling, but I'm not a silly little baby bunny anymore. I'm not going to deal with this situation like poison which everyone thinks is a little lollipop.

Sorry, my tears are just staining the pages. It's not MY fault I'm crying.
Signing off,

February 7th, 2003
Dear diary,
I can't do this anymore. I quit.

Today, I went to the marketplace and saw there was a little puppet show going on. I was bored. Whatever. To my pure delight there was a lovely little life lesson thing going on where one of the bunnies held up a puppet of a giraffe while the other held up a bunny. The effort put into making the puppets was clearly more visible with the bunny puppet. The "giraffe" said some mean things to the bunny so then a flame woven of cloth rose in front of the giraffe.
What is wrong with society? I'm too upset to write any more.
Signing off,
A disgusted Juniper
Part 2 is coming soon!


  1. Great story!! :D I love it is made in diary entries. Your story makes me wonder what's gonna happen next. Which means you are a very good author! Awesome job, keep it up!


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