Blogger Tricks Animal Jam Graphic Central!: Outstanding Blogs | Segment #2!

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Outstanding Blogs | Segment #2!

Hey jammers!
I have compiled a list of amazing AJ blogs I have found over the course of the past couple of months. I hope you will keep enjoying the AJGC as well as check out these other Animal Jam blogs!

The Animal Jam Spirit
With over a million views, the Animal Jam Spirit is a popular blog which provides daily item updates, interesting Animal Jam stories, Jamaa lore, codes, free downloads and more! This well-organized blog will have you tuning in every day to see what the latest happenings are in Jamaa!

The Animal Jam Community Blog
This blog provides some interesting info you may not have known about Animal Jam and has over 2 million views, which makes sense! Similar to the Animal Jam Spirit, it is packed with loads of information and you’ll always come back for more!

Animal Jam World
This is an awesome blog if you want Adventure guides, Journey Book help, and especially codes! The Animal Jam World is a blog that gives you codes before anyone else does. Not only do they give you the inside scoop on AJ, but on Tunnel Town and Play Wild as well!

The Animal Jam Stream
The Animal Jam Stream has been running for nearly 4 years now and is a popular, well-organized blog. You can find unique aspects in this blog, including NM ideas, glitches, walkthroughs, stories, and more!

(P.S. Thank you for the new signatures, Panda, they are amazing!)

Signing off,


  1. Hey Ineffable! Do you mind maybe checking out my blog, The Weekly Jammer News? I'm trying to get more viewers.
    Sorry if this comment counts as spammy, like the rules say...

    1. Of course I wouldn't mind checking it out! I love seeing new Animal Jam blogs.

    2. Awesome! Thank you so much! :D

  2. Ineffable, I went on AJ to go to your party at 5 PM, Central Time, but you and panda were not on? IS the party still on for another time, or did you cancel it??

    1. Lostfairy and I wanted to come to the party but you were not on! D:

    2. LOL, yeah... XD At least you were on and we could hang out. ^-^


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