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Thursday, June 30, 2016


Hey jammers! Panda here! ^.^

So, I just recently got let out on summer break (yay!!!), which means that I can devote some more time to my hobbies, like drawing, writing and blogging! ^.^

Unfortunately, many of my teachers assigned our school homework over the summer. My typical pattern when it comes to summer assignments is to pull the whole "I'll do it tomorrow" thing until there's only one week left of summer vacation and I have to finish all of my summer assignments. It's a real bummer. >.<

If any of you are in the same boat, here are some tips to help you get those pesky summer assignments done as painlessly as possible!


One of the ways that I'm going to finish my summer assignments on time this year is by using a planner to schedule due dates for different chunks of each assignment. I have a 30-page math review due sometime in September, so instead of ignoring the assignment for the entire summer, I've decided to finish half of it by July 20th, and finish the entire thing by August 5th. This way, I'm holding myself accountable for finishing the math review, without leaving it till the last minute to ruin my summer. :(


You may already know this, but I go crazy for new school supplies. My office drawers are overflowing with probably at least 150 different pens, pencils and markers. >.< Not to mention the dozens of erasers, folders and other miscellaneous school supplies I have laying around. I dunno--having super kawaii and colorful school supplies just gets me pumped for the new school year for some reason! If you're like me, then take a day or two over the summer to stop by your local Staples, Target, Walmart or any other store that sells office supplies, and stock up on school supplies that totally match you style! This way, you'll be more motivated to do any summer assignments that you have, and having epic new supplies might even make you the teeeeeeniest bit more excited for the new school year to begin!


Make completing all of those summer assignments a little less awful by forming a study group with your friends! ^.^ You could meet at the library or at someone's house to work on assignments together!

I hope that these tips helped you! :) Have an epic day, and don't forget to JAM ON!



  1. Haha, I'm right there with you! I think all teachers must like to torture kids over the summer, because I have a summer reading project. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE reading, a LOT! But I only get about 4 books to choose from, and then I have to write summaries for every chapter and do more long, boring stuff. I normally do it at the end of summer too, though! I'm putting it off till July or August, hehe...!

    1. Yes! I 100% agree! I hate it when teachers assign a reading project but only give you a selection of books to choose from. >.<

      And same here, haha! Last year, I did my entire 25-page math packet on the last day of summer vacation. XP Procrastination! :P

  2. I Have 4 2o-page packets for each subject ~.~


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