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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Animal Jam Fanfiction: Eat Or Be Eaten

*Note: This is based off of Lois Lowry's book, Gathering Blue.

Pouncing Sunnypride whipped his head around to see if anybody was nearby. A patch full of crops was so close and nobody was there to stop him. The dusty ground below was stained scarlet with his own blood. A crazy snow leopard had attacked Pouncing earlier, eager to snatch the feast Pouncing had spotted before him.

Pouncing, being a wolf, was lucky to be a strong, stealthy animal. Weak herbivores were cast aside to die, although some did survive.

Poucing approached the pile of corn. Even though he was a carnivore, animals like him were forced to eat whatever they could find. It took some getting used to. Arctic wolves would throw up vegetables along with crocodiles and other animals of prey. Pouncing Sunnypride approached the food, crouched down and then leaped towards his find. His sharp jaws sank into an ear of corn and he swallowed it down before anyone heard or saw him. A tomato rolled over from a pile of squash and carrots. It landed between the wolf's paws and he sunk his dirty claws into it. The red juices squirted out and stained his pure white fur in an instant.

Forcing down more food, Pouncing Sunnypride sighed and gazed off into the distance. Why do we live this way? he thought in fury. We all live in fear. All feelings of joy and happiness and love have departed from this miserable land. Why can't we go back to when we trusted each other? he screamed silently. Then he inhaled and exhaled sadly. It's not like I can make a difference anyway. Then he continued to stuff his face before finding a few sticks next to a small slope in the field to use as his makeshift shelter.

Still dripping with blood, Pouncing closed his eyes and fell into a dreamless sleep. He awoke to bloodcurdling screeches and ear-piercing howls. He was used to it. The cries of terror and despair weren't anything new to him and the other animals. Though the moon was still high in the sky, the white wolf destroyed his shelter so nobody would know he had rested there. Turning over towards the left side of the hill, he closed his eyes, only to bump into a lump of fur. It was a bunny, shivering with fear. It couldn't escape; it was too afraid to move. Pouncing raised his paw to swipe at it and give it a quick, painless death. He licked his chops hungrily. The veggies hadn't satisfied his ever-grumbling stomach. He stared at the bunny with his keen, glowing eyes. He stared at it for a long time. Then, out of nowhere, he put his paw down. He backed up.
"I...I want you to live," he stammered. "The way we live is disgusting. Killing animals we used to live in harmony with? No thanks!" he declared. A few leftover vegetables were under his destroyed shelter. He fetched them quickly and gave them to the bunny.

The bunny broke out into tears. Tears of happiness, Pouncing Sunnypride assumed. It thanked him, wiping the tears from it's fluffy cheeks.
"I can't thank you enough!" it exclaimed through a mouthful of cucumber. Joyful, it hopped into a burrow and called to the rest of it's family. It's family...thought Pouncing wistfully. I remember when I had one of those. I'm surprised they didn't turn against each other to get more food and supplies. Shrugging, the white wolf trotted towards an evergreen forest. Not many dared to go there. Full of Phantoms, octopus-like creatures sly as a fox, it was a dangerous place. Still trotting at a reasonably slow pace, Pouncing spotted a large bush with a hole big enough to crawl through. An excellent shelter, he thought. He marked it by tracing a circle around it with his sharpest claw.
To be continued! 
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Ainaml Jma



Raseapi Rofets

Yrtscal Assdn
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  1. I Jam-A-Grammed you the answers I came up with! It was hard for me to come up with the third and the last words, but I still figured it out!

  2. Very nice story! Must hear MORE!! O3O


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