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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Animal Jam LIFE HACKS!

Hey jammers! Sorry for making this post so late in the day. Most of the members from the team have had packed schedules lately! I have an orientation camp for middle school, so for a lot of the day I will be away. I am also going on vacation this Saturday. In a nutshell, I have an extremely busy summer!

Today I put together a special post including Animal Jam tips/life hacks that'll make your experience in the game overall. Let's get started!

Tip #1: Get more trades.
This is a very common AJ life hack, but if you want more trades, go to crowded places, like Aldan and Jamaa Township or popular trading dens, especially WootMoo's. Even though Aparri's is a good choice as well, WootMoo's den usually has more serious traders who know rarity better and are experienced traders.
(A little mini-tip along with this: When going to a famous jammer's den or somewhere very crowded, you'll usually get a pop up message saying the room is full. Keep on spam-clicking while keeping the 'enter' key pressed down. It'll help a lot.)

Tip #2: Get even MORE trades.
This seems like a generic trick, but dress up in strange clothing or unrare clothing, go to somewhere crowded with lots of people looking for trades, and say 'Trade me, I'm rarer than I look.' It's as simple as that. Since you don't look very rare, people will go to your trade list to see if your statement is true, and that means more people that could possibly want the items you have will look at your list.

Tip #3: Make better looking outfits.
As a new jammer, I literally put random things on my animal and called it an outfit. Nowadays, I have a bit more sense knocked into myself and I use a base color first. Don't make it too specific because you'll need it to match a variety of items. Usually, I like to do a light shade of the color and a darker shade. After, I find items that match it's color.
Another way to do this is pick a certain item with bold, solid colors and then base the rest of your outfit off of it.

That's all the tips for now! Also, you're probably sick and tired of me always posting, but I believe the other authors are busy or it may have slipped their minds. Nobody is perfect. Tomorrow, Awesomepanda868 will be giving you guys some study tips!!
                                                       Signing off,

1 comment:

  1. Nice tips :)
    When making outfits, I like to pick the clothes first, and then pick colors that match the items. For some weird reason, I don't do many outfits that don't have matching colors and clothes...


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