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Friday, June 24, 2016

New Trading Joint?

Hey jammers!

In case you didn't know, Fridays at the AJGC include random posts. Anyone can post anything! We do follow a more specific schedule for the majority of the other days though.

If you've been playing Animal Jam recently, you'd know that there is a new attraction at Coral Canyons (they've been adding a lot of stuff to Coral Canyons lately, don't you think?) which is the Wild Explorers Tent! There, you can print out worksheets with instructions for science experiments and crafts, watch official Wild Explorers episodes and more!

But besides those activities, it might be used for something more. Usually, AJHQ spawns you in a simple land, like Jamaa Township, Sarepia Forest, etc. They don't spawn you in a specific room, for example when you log on you're never in the Pillow Room right away. But I've noticed that sometimes when you log on or switch to a new server, you spawn in the Wild Explorers Tent. And even though it's a brand new addition to Jamaa, so many people come at once that I know that not everyone is here for the tent but is just spawned here as well.

You can find people asking for trades, giving party details, etc. like you would see in Jamaa Township. This is cool and all but it's such a small place to work with!

One more thing about this is that I think it sort of suits the theme of trading. Varied supplies, little trinkets, paintings, and more are shoved on the shelves and it sort of reminds you of a farmer's market. (sorry, that was really random)

On a completely different note, we are now accepting fanfiction submissions! The only rules are that there can be no inappropriate language whatsoever, no extreme gore or other inappropriate descriptions, and the story must be related to Animal Jam!
Thanks for tuning in to the Animal Jam Graphic Central! Make sure to stop by again, especially tomorrow, 'cause you're in for a treat...
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  1. Ooo! So, do you mean that the submissions get posted on the blog? Now I must start a brand new story, XD!!
    No worries, I love writing new fanfics! :D

  2. Yep! All fanfictions that meet the qualifications (AJ related and appropriate) will be published!! If you notice anything different about your fanfictions it probably means there was a grammar mistake and we corrected it ^-^


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