Blogger Tricks Animal Jam Graphic Central!: Spikes Return to Jamaa & New Wild Explorers Tent [Weekly Digest: Issue #1]

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Spikes Return to Jamaa & New Wild Explorers Tent [Weekly Digest: Issue #1]

Hey jammers! Reporter Panda here, with a copy of this week's Weekly Digest fresh off the press! As a refresher, this Digest will be posted on this blog every weekend, and will summarize the events of the week!

  • This week's Rare Item Monday (Plus a Rare Item Tuesday!)
  • Any and all newly released items from this week
  • Major updates and new features from the weekly edition of the Jamaa Journal
  • New and concluded contests or informational posts from The Daily Explorer
  • Exclusive graphics relating to this week's events
  • A round-up of AJGC's posts for the week

Reporter Ineffable here, ready to tell you all about this week's Rare Item Monday (RIM)!


The Rare Sombrero is sold at the Summer Carnival and costs 4,000 tickets. Sadly, this colorful hat is for members only!

The Rare Sombrero sports the usual RIM colors with it's neon purples, bright pinks, and fresh greens. Although these hats do look a bit silly, you can definitely make quite the festive outfit for your next summer adventures with this Rare Sombrero!

However... there was a very special item sold on Tuesday this week as well! It was rare, so you could technically call it a Rare Item Tuesday!

This Rare Guitar Rug was released in honor of Make Music Day, which was also celebrated on The Daily Explorer!

Reporter Cosmic here, with the weekly report with all of the new items arriving in Jamaa this week!

An epic edit by Reporter Cosmic!
This week brought some exciting updates to Animal Jam! Handing it off to Reporter Cosmic, from The Animal Jam Comet!

A special spike-y sale! For four days only (Thursday 6/23, Friday 6/24, Saturday 6/25, and Sunday 6/26), you can purchase short-spiked collars and wristbands for 3 Diamonds a piece! These jam-tastic new items are available in 8 unique colors, ranging from a soft pink to a milky white! What I find particularly unique about these spiked items is that each of the spikes on the collars and wristbands, have a soft icy blue tint to them! 

Reporter Panda popping in here, just to clarify that the rarity of the original rare spiked collars and wristbands will likely not change. This is because there is a diamond icon on these new spiked items, which will make it easily recognized. Additionally, those blue-tinted spikes that Reporter Cosmic mentioned earlier will also play a role in distinguishing the original rare spikes and these new ones.

Now back to Reporter Cosmic...

If you go to the Diamond Shop to purchase some of these spiked items, there will most likely be a crowd of people! Jammers sure are eager to purchase these spikes!

Above is a picture of what these spikes look like. Of course, there are many more colors in which these items are available, but the blue tinted spikes on both the collar and wristband remain throughout all of the different color options.

Say hello to the Pixelated Rug, the Pixelated Writing Desk, the Pixelated Window, and the Pixelated Armoire! These new items come along with the new Pixel Place, Animal Jam's newest den!

However, it is our belief that this was a copy of Play Wild's (one of Animal Jam's mobile games) pixelated features.

Above are some of the new pixelated items!

Pet penguins are on sale in the Diamond Shop for two diamonds! They will only be for two diamonds for this week, so make sure to purchase one if you haven't! 

Hey, the Freedom Party is returning too! This party has got to be one of the smallest rooms in Animal Jam, but it makes up for lack of space with it's epic decorations! This party is all decked out in red, white and blue, and also has some clothing and den items for sale! 

A brand new room has come to Jamaa! It is called the Wild Explorers Tent, and is located on a rocky cliff above Epic Wonders (in Coral Canyons). At this very location, you can watch all of the latest Wild Explorers episodes, and download special Animal Jam Academy printables! 

Above are some snazzy pictures of what this new building looks like!

(Left) Entrance to the Wild Explorers Tent
(Right) Inside of the tent

Some new Masterpiece frames have been added to the ever-growing frame collection! So make sure to head over to the Art Studio and place your newest creations inside these paw-some new frames!

Hmm... it looks like the alphas have left us some clues as to what perhaps the newest animal will be!

Scroll all the way down to the bottom of this post for the SPOILER ALERT with the answer to this riddle!

But if you'd like to figure out this little puzzle by yourself, here are what the pieces of torn paper say:
  • Have long legs
  • Are nocturnal
  • They live in trees
Can you figure it out?

Reporter Ineffable here again, with some updates straight from The Daily Explorer!

Here are some of the current contests you can enter in to win a prize!

To enter either of these wonderful contests, simply go to Jamaa Township, and submit your artwork or writing through Jammer Central!

One of the amazing art contests that ended this week was the James Audubon contest! Here were some of the jam-tastic entries!

To celebrate this paw-some week, here are some fun graphics you can use! All of these can be used without any credit to me (Reporter Panda) or this blog (AJGC)!

Monday: Campfire Tales (Short Stories)
Tuesday: @Ineffable (Commission)
Thursday: A Trade?

Thank you so much for reading the very first issue of the Weekly Digest!

What did you think of this issue? What ideas and suggestions do you have for Issue #2?

As always, the amazing Animal Jam Graphic Central Management Team never manages to disappoint! If it weren't for the endless dedication and hard work of all members of the team, this blog and this new Digest series wouldn't be up and running. A big round of applause for them, no?

We'll see you next time!

Did you really read to all the way down here? Good for you!

As a bonus for you, here are 2 bonus graphics of an adorable pet panda! These can be used without credit for edits, in blog posts, or for YouTube thumbnails!

Are pet pandas just paw-tastic?

Which of the epic pets of Jamaa is your tippety-top favorite?


*SPOILER ALERT* The newest animal is a sloth! How paw-tastic!


  1. I like this series!
    To answer the question at the bottom of the post, I'd have to say pet tigers are my absolute favorite! All are SO adorable, though!

    1. Tysm! <3

      And yes--pet tigers are SO CUTE! :O

  2. Loved the post!
    I'd say hamsters are adorable! Good thing is, hamsters are also available to non members. :3
    I love the graphics you made. Looking forward to more from this series. <3

    1. Yay, so happy that you liked it! :D

      And yes, pet hamsters are ultra cute and fluffy! <3

  3. Wanted to write this as quick as possible :(
    I didn't help that much on this issue...I will try to do better next time!!

    1. Aww, that's definitely not true! ^.^ You helped out a ton with the RIM and DE posts, and not to mention you've been regularly posting fanfictions/stories on the blog, as well as many other posts! You're an epic author and friend Ineffable! <3

  4. In the RIM section, the Rare Item Tuesday is what I call rather "invisible." Maybe I can fix it up with my photo of it? Also, my banner is "invisible" as well. But I'm wondering -- what should we do when there ISN'T an update on Thursdays? What will I write then?

    1. For the pet question -- I would have to say these: CHEETAHS (No surprise there..), lemurs, snow leopards (Venus is one!), sugar gliders, and foxes. If I had to choose one, I would choose lemurs.

    2. Oh, yeah, I'm noticing that now too! I'm so sorry! >.< If you could go into the post and fix those images, that would be great, as it seems to not be working for me!

      And if there's isn't an update on Thursday we can just leave that part out of say there isn't an update, perhaps?

      Ooh, pet lemurs and cheetahs are super cute! <3

    3. Maybe make me an admin so I can fix it? I am also curious about what the AJGC layout looks like.. XD.

  5. Hey Panda! I love your blog! Would you mind checking out my blog? It's called
    Keep up the good work!

  6. This was such a cute and fun post to read! :D Definitely keep this little series up.

  7. Hi panda! So if you didn't know im back! =D I missed all of this more then I thought! It's good to be blogging again! I am also super happy for sloths to come to jamma! Who knows maybe they will be for gems and nm! I also love the weekly digest! I know it might be to late to join the AJGC management team but if I could I would love to help out with this!

    Have a great day!

    1. Yay, so happy that you're back! :D

      I've actually added you to the AJGC Management Team already (a while back)--have you gotten an email about it yet?

    2. I don't know for sure... I am actually not able to access my email right now I will be able to check every thing in about 2-3 weeks. Sorry if this is to long...

      Have a good day!



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