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Monday, June 27, 2016

Animal Jam Theories!

Hey jammers! It's Ineffable here, and today I'll be sharing with you a few theories on Jamaa. Let's jump right into it!

A few days ago, I was roaming around the Chamber of Knowledge. In the second room, I happened to come across a book with a few strange-looking symbols on it. I did a bit of research and decided, perhaps, one of the symbols resembled the symbol of Saturn.

Here's the book I saw. I circled the Saturn symbol.
As you can see, they aren't identical, but in different depictions the Saturn symbol is a bit different. 
Saturn is also a planet, correct? Well, next to this room in the Chamber, there is a shop with a window and telescopes. Through the window you can see a starry night sky. Perhaps they are linking the two: The window represents outer space and Saturn is one of the planets in it (of course all planets are in outer space). 

Another thing I noticed are den portals and portals for Adventures. Sometimes you can see strange symbols in the portals. Tell me in the comments below what symbols you can see in the portal! What do these symbols mean? And what other theories do you have about Jamaa?
Signing off, 


  1. Oh!! That is so cool! I never noticed that symbol before! ^.^ Nice theories, Ineffable!

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